See WHo Is Napping In Woods (Sunday Prompts, Please Join Poetry Potluck Today)

Green pines laugh in the breeze,

Red lilies grin in the rain,

Squirrels jump to a race,

Satellites launch to outer space.

Z Z z z z….

See who is napping in woods,

M M m m m…

Discover beauty in nature’s truth;

Seasons of changes,

Shifts of gears;

Ebbs and flows of growth,

The conquer of fears;

Live Life in FREE verse,

Experiment poetry in reverse;

The world is a busy place,

Let’s embrace and re-measure our pace.

One Single Impression  (Respect)

Sunday Scribbling (Woods)

ABC Wednesday (Z…)

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Short Story Slam Week 5


Short Story slam Week 5

School is over, time for summer vacation.

Mom had made a decision,

I must stay at my grandma’s house,

where I have no way to use a computer mouse.

I refused to eat,

But starved to death without drink/meat;

Eventually, I admit,

I have to get used to country living indeed.

I drink tomato soup with egg drops,

I eat wheat sandwiches with lettuces, no soda pops,

I pluck eggplants and milk cows,

I collect eggs and listen to cats’ meows …

Mornings content No traffic noises at all,

But the roosters’ call,

But that’s Not all.

Free from internet,

No more text messages or online chats,

My life has turned 180 degrees you bet,

I find myself in love with chickens and cats…

Breathing the freshest air  in the vegetable garden,

I feel like living in HEAVEN, I beg your pardon.

Grandma’s stories make me learn,

Knowledge is something priceless to earn;

The seed for growth is sowed,

as this story is told.

As I show off my own little tree,

I see the pride in the eyes of my Mom, Hurray!!!

Three Word Wednesday/Alphabe-Thurday-Lady Lily

Alphabe-Thursday  (L)

Three Word Wednesday  (Cease, Heat, Nasty)

Lady Lily

Looks lovely,

Not happy,

Acts nasty,

Summer heat,

couldn’t cease to quit.

Had a cold shower,

Went shopping 4 an hour;

Dressed up sexy,

Called a taxi,

Went to a blind date,

Stayed up late,

Came home tired,

Got fired;

Called police,

Made peace;

Lesson learned,

Wisdom gained;

For Goodness’s sake,

This story is fake.

My Candle Burns At Both Ends

My candle burns at both ends,

Not sure how to identify true friends;

Life moves on without a hitch,

WHY care about which is witch;

If I bury all sorrows in a crater,

Won’t things look much better?

One Single Impression

Carry On Tuesday

Sunday Scribbling

ABC Wednesday (Y=Why)

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I Dream of Being Seen As ..(4 Poets Rally Week 47)

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I dream of being seen

as the evergreen

as I stand at the edge of your yard,

with my best regard.

that way,

I’ll stay

awake, with no rest

as light of the sun dies in the west.

I’d never turn brown

Even if you forget about watering me

While being out of town.

It has been a while when I formally take an award,

This award is given to me by a fellow poet, appreciate it.

I wish to nominate




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Short Story Slam Week 4

She loves sailing, water is her passion.

Life could not be better until all of a sudden, her father died.  She is the only child in the family, her father’s business that worthy 1 billion dollars ends up in her hand, according to her father’s will.

She is only 22 yeas old then, freshly graduated from college.

Having no clue how to mange a company of 8000 employees, she is forced to study, read project proposals, ask branch managers for details and more…ending up sleeping 5 hours a day.

She becomes slim, yet elegant.

After 6 months, she basically has everything in perfect shape.

It’s Independent day, she wants to celebrate a little bit, inviting her boy’ over…

But as she comes to his apartment to give him her free self, surprising him, she saw him with another girl, and the girl is her best friend.

The world has turned upside down again…

She deserted the place, like a man running away from bumble bees…

She almost wants to kill herself, but, she remembered her own life time principle:

“if one blames others for one’s own failure, one is never going to make progress,  it is her own responsibility to make her life happy…”

She writes him off her life that day.

And she goes to the sea all by herself, sailing, smiling, feeling and enjoying a new chapter.

Written for short story slam week 4:

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Alphabe-Thursday  j is for just learned my lessons

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Saturday Writing Challenge (100 Words or Less)

  Jenny Matlocks: Saturday Centus

Saturday Writing Prompt: within the stone

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It’s magic time,
Time to walk through the wall
and vanish with clinched jaw.
Within the stone,
You start to lick your wound
and heal without hearing any sound.
Within the stone,
You forget about yourself
and become as innocent as an elf.
Within the stone,
You reach satisfaction
Without any distraction.
Within the stone,
You rise above
as everything around you is pure love.
Within the stone,
your muses fly
and emotions go up high.

Thursday Thinking Tank/Alphabet-Thursday (I Wish to Be A Fish)

How I wish

2 be a fish.


with flapping fins

the fun begins.


I will  do my underwater association

without sunscreen or lotion.


I will follow you

when we come to the same school.


I will remain in the sea

in order to swim free.


with lessons taught,

I won’t carry any negative thought.


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