As I Open A book And Turn The Pages

As I open a book

And turn the pages,

I walk into lives of writers

Whose word engages.

As I intake soul food

And feel spiritually good,

I cannot help beaming

About some pleasant screaming.

As I scan the news online

To seek extra fun,

I warn myself

To be easy on stuff such as a elf.

As I play a game

That carries my name,

I am careful

Not to be too tame.

As I feel happy and able.

I mean nil harm to those who feel miserable.

Money shall not be everything

In a healthy living,

Harvest what one sows,

That’s how one grows.


Thursday Poets Rally Information will be posted

12 hours later…

Jingle is working on it…

Happy Wednesday!

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Finally, Poetry Awards For Poets Rally Week 14

The Most Disciplined Poet Awards 

The Most Productive Poet

The Most Popular Poet Award

Congratulations, The Following Poets Win All Three Awards Above:





Emmanuel Ibok



Kiera O’Brien







Pravin nair







The Most disciplined Poet  Award

The Most Popular Poet Award

The Following poets have won two special poetry  awards above:



Celebrating a Year

Yousei Hime



Jannie Funster








Monkey Man




Mama Zen






Nathalie (spacedlaw)





Vicki Lane



The Most Productive Poet Award

The Most Popular Poet Award

The Following Poets have won two special poetry awards above:






Michele Spector







Gerardine Baugh


















Ana Goncalves





David Rheins





Hope that YOU like them.

It takes a long time to decide, Please be polite and accept what you get, Next week I will assign another three new awards…If You Truly Perfect, You will eventually get everything you want!


One Way To Become Famous Is To…

One way to become famous is to be a witch,

For then you can swallow bacon by the flitch;

You can fly without knowing why;

You can be rich and out of ordinary folks’ reach;

You can perform magic without causing anything tragic;

You can stop an itch by adding w to see yourself as a witch.

If you are a bitch, not a witch,

you may not become rich.

Be careful, my dear,

Ignore those hurtful jeer.

Find a way to become tame,

And once win some fame,

change your user name,

Be a witch,

buy a horse,

Be Wise,

Don’t get a divorce.

Be a wise witch,

Of course,


Before sunrise.


How are You?

One way to become famous is to___________.

I hope to read YOUR ideas and listen to YOUR wisdom of words.


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A Sheep Is Asleep In A Moving Jeep

What is Haiku?

If U are new, click here to learn about Haiku and in how to write one, good luck.

;) ;) ;)


Open your eyes,

Be nice,

Don’t forget to say goodbyes.


A sheep

Is asleep

In a moving jeep.


A pig may be fat,

A pig may be lazy,

A pig may be a friend to a cat named Daisy.


A wild duck

In the park

Dreams about GOOD luck.


A wise hen

Teaches her chicken

How to count from one to ten.


A true friend

Is someone who does amend

And cares for YOU from start to end.


Hello, How are YOU?

It is Tuesday, I write some Haikus and

Hope that YOU enjoy them.

Take Good Care,

Have FUN!

😉  😉  😉

Sunday 160-I Spy A Fly In The Sky

I spy
A fly
in the sky;
You eat cake
all week;
He says
to Daise;
She spends more
time outdoor;
They gazed
at these
We play
all day.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on  Monkey Man. ;)

I used the character calculator

Thursday Poets’ Rally Poem Post (Week 10)

Don’t you agree?

There exists NO perfect tree,

There is No perfect college degree,

Perfectionism costs, not free!


I can try to be as perfect as I can be,

Someone else will always beats me.

No one is perfect, neither we,

Nor they.


When my love for you

Is true,

“You Are Perfect”,

That’s how I respect, inspect, and reflect.


Be as perfect as you can be,

That’s what others wanted to see.

You don’t have to always agree,

You need not to learn it with a fee.


Shakira nominated Jingle at SAVE GREAT LAKES NOW! for Week 9 the Perfect Poet Award.

The purpose of this award is to encourage Thursday Poets’ Rally members for their poetry and participation,  (I would prefer not to be nominated since I am the one who hosts the Rally, please let me know your thoughts  😉 ).

I accept the award with my poem post here following the Rules of Acceptance stated in the award post

and nominate William at William for week 10 winner.

Thank You! Shakira and William for being long time supporters of Thursday Poets’ Rally!

I am very humbled and touched by You. xxx

For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally week 10, please check the link here:

Spring Trust – An Anniversary And An Award

The sunshine is your consciousness.

The beginning of a new life-


Is both exhilarating

And frightening!

Spring trust means realizations

Of letting go of old fears, hatreds, and relations,

And bringing forth hope or creations!

Every realization in you leads to spring time,

every impulse to hear your inner self is spring time.

Shake off the orientation of a victim of familiar circumstances,

See yourself as one of the  invincible substances.

Spring trust

Is spring moments when novel thoughts thrust.

Comprehending it is knowledge,

Recognizing it is wisdom,

and believing it is faith!

Spring Trust Award

According to Thom at

Shakira has been celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband Arnie yesterday. Happy Belated Anniversary #3 to You, Shakira and Arnie. I hope this event comes in the decades to come and have a sweet and surprised filled evening! 😉

I created a new award, Spring Trust Award, I would like to pass this to 12 friends, in whom I trust their friendships and consistent comments in my blog. There are many more of you deserve to be on the list, but I would love to see some of you get it indirectly via the following blogging buddies.

Rules: Keep it or Pass it to 3-12 bloggers you trust them in their blogging friendships.

#1: Shakira

#2: William

#3: Brian

#4: Doraz

#5: Art

#6: 2a24

#7: Jaymie


#9: Doubtfulpoet

#10: Fiveloaf

#11: Hadassah

#12: Viola

Please visit above blogging friends today and Happy Happy Sunday to YOU all!

😉  🙂  😉

Spring Break Is Here

This week

Lori@ The Peterson Family hosts Family Fridays

With Amy:Round Robin Luck….

Family Fridays/Grandma’s 90th ….,


I will NOT miss Family Fridays. Here, I have written a poem about Spring Break, hope that you enjoy it:


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Are you going to visit the zoo?

Or spending time in a heated pool?


Spring break it next week,

Teachers and students are taking a break,

What adventures are you going to seek?

Do you go fishing and boating in the lake?


I don’t know why,

I prefer NOT to fly.

I enjoy driving to places,

I love seeing spring blossoms’ pretty faces.


With a whole week to spend

To get refreshed in the end,

I would love to relax some more

And enjoy doing things I have never done before.


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Please plan ahead,

Have some family fun instead!


Happy 90th Birthday to Amy‘s Grandma!

She looks cool and well, Please visit Amy to say Hello and

Wishing YOU all a Very Merry Weekend!

😉  🙂  😉

Thursday Poets’ Rally Perfect Poet Award Homecoming Week

Week 8 Winners:

Jingle will finalize the 12 nominations on or by next Monday.


As you all can see, NOT all winners accepted the award, I will give them more time, for those who refuse to accept or don’t appreciate this award, if they are nominated for the second time, I will have to withhold the nomination and place a different poet who are more likely to honor or cherish the award in the spot.  The whole idea for this award is to have fun, to encourage poets and their contributions on poetry and encouraging poetry in general.

So far, we have about eight (8) poets nominated, Jingle will nominate 3 or 4 more, if You are a previous Thursday Poets’ Rally member and would love to accept this award and follow the RULES in the bottom of this post, please comment on this post and I will consider it.  Your talent on poetry is one essential factor to win this award, however, attitude is more important for the whole idea!

Thank You for the understanding! Happy Weekend!

Week 7 winners:

#1: Lauren (accepted ;))

#2: doubtful poet (nominated someone by commenting)

#3: justmeshakira (accepted ;))

#4: Art is My Religion

#5: Datsme (accepted ;))

#6: kseverny (accepted ;))

#7: Brian (accepted ;))

#8: anthonynorth

#9: sparrowsong (accepted ;))

#10: Andy Bonjour

#11: fiveloaf (accepted :))

#12: inspiredsyntax

Rules to Accept the Award:

  • Put the logo on your blog in your next Theme Thursday post.
  • Post a poem (or a Haiku) under the logo.
  • Tag Jingle to link back to Thursday Poets’ Rally Award Post.
  • Nominate One Previous Participants and U R done!

Criterion of the Nomination:

  • You must be A Thursday Poets Rally Participant for a minimum 1 week to be able to be nominated.
  • This award is given once a week by Jingle at  Jingle‘s blog.
  • Each week, Jingle will award those twelve (12)  Rally participants nominated by previous week winner’s nominations. (for example, each week 8 winner nominates one poet in their blog by or on next Thursday, then Jingle will completely follow the lead and make formal announcement on Jingle’s blog.)
  • Only current week winner need to do the nomination, if u r a previous winner, u need Not to worry about nominating a poet at all.
  • This award is initialized and created by Jingle at  Jingle.  All rights are reserved.
  • Winners of this award have the option to choose one of the logos available to post in their blog upon acceptance. Beginning week 6, if the winner does NOT follow the rule to post the winning logo and nominate a poet along with the post, Jingle will consider a rejection to the award. Jingle will be responsible for nominating additional award winning poets for the week . (If u reject the award, then u can NOT make claim of this honor in the future in your blog or at any other public occasions).