There Are Lots of Visions In Me (4 Potluck Week 13)

Thanks to Kavita/Amanda 4 the inspirations, Week 13 theme: dreams, visions, and reveries, I find myself in many dreams or are some to share with u, enjoy!


There are lots of visions in me,

They appear as dreamy as they can be;

Whenever I feel sleep,

Things start to haunt me, so deep.

I see whisker-faced kitten,

Good and cute sheep,

yellow feet of a chicken,

and walkies-talkies that beep.

I also see faces that are tan,

golden rays of the sun,

stars and their many a fan,

plus smiles on people’s faces, yours and mine!

I see poetry on your web page,

arts hanging on back of your door,

the ballerina dancers on stage,

plus music you’ve never heard before.

I see cucumbers and tomatoes,

cauliflowers and potatoes,

roasted ham, crispy and golden,

plus blueberry muffins, hot from the oven.

I see spaceship,

birds passing over my head,

evidence of friendship,

plus sailboats facing waves with no dread.

Of course, reveries also roll inside me,

Yet I want them stay in dreams and float free.

when I wake up,

I will simply hang them up…

an umbrella 4 u!

A PC 4 u, keep writing poetry or proses and share!

The Merriest Poet Award 4 u.

I am super late to the party at Jingle Poetry Community, yet, here is my last minute entry, enjoy!  The above THREE award/treats are 4 all of my poetry friends, if you are reading this post, please feel free to claim.. .especially if you are a previous Poets Rally participants or Jingle Poetry Potluck participants, you deserve my attention and honor…

Happy Wednesday! U Rock! xxx

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