The Nature and I Are One

Following the plan,

Under the lazy sun,

I arrive at a mountain park

Where nature and I are one!


Directed by a trial map,

I began walking uphill, nonstop,

Once in a while,

I do pause to catch my breath and stare at rocks in a pile!


I took photos to capture what’s below,

I see parked cars, a lake, and driving path in my view.

I would look up

to see how far I am from the mountain top.


There were moments of confusions,

There were sentiments of hesitations.

“Keep walking”,

I heard my inner voice talking.


When I was near the highest spot,

How long I have been climbing, I forgot.

I noticed a young couple walking above,

Their body gesture showed they are in love.


When the hike is all the way up hill,

It is against my natural will.

It is a chosen obstacle,

but when I reach the top, it turns into a miracle!


The mountain is half bare,

Prairie dogs make their cutest stare.

Wild cows walk their wild walks,

With naughty hares talk their hopping talks.


Hello, How are You?

I have a fun and smooth mountain hike yesterday!

I wrote the poem to reflect my experience and

will add a few pictures to this post later today!

Thank YOU for the beautiful wishes and heartfelt

comments left in my previous poem post! I feel

like one year apart from YOU without connecting

to the internet to visit …Happy Wednesday!

😉 🙂 😉


Nature in Jingles Camera: (Selections of photos between 2006-2010)

Jingle has had many mountain hikes and nature walks in the past years

around the United States…Enjoy, 😉  😉  😉

PS: Please feel free to take or use it for nonprofit purposes.

By Jingle from a driving car

By Jingle inside her moving car

By Jingle at a mountain in spring

By Jingle from her moving car

By Jingle at a mountain top

by Jingle at a nature garden

by Jingle during a spring break trip on a mountain

Beautiful Blogger Award Plus Writing Contest Information (Update)

Beautiful BloggerAward

Award from Amy at : Amy Keeping Up With the Schultz Family

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Thank U so much, Amy. I appreciate it, and feel honored. xxxx

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Seven (7) things about me:

  1. I am left-handed.
  2. I am afraid of earthworms, snakes, and anything that wiggly, ;(.
  3. While I lived in Hyde Park of Chicago, I broke one of my son’s baby stroller wheels while pushing too hard in the snowy road.
  4. I saw Laura Bush in her Library Reading Festival in 1999 while I lived in Austin, Texas. I was offered free cookies, a cup of punch, and given a children’s book.
  5. I enjoy spicy food in general.
  6. I got my driver’s license in Austin, TX.
  7. I had three best friends who shared a same character in our names, and the relation has lasted from 2nd grade to 7th grade, that’s about seven years. That’s the most precious and unforgettable memories which I still cherish today.

Nominate 7: I would like to give this award to 7 Bloggers who are not Thursday Poets’ Rally members:

#1: Doraz

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The Word of the Month Poetry Contest entries are in and time for voting has begun.  The polls will close on the 27th, and the winner for the February Word of the Month Hall of Fame Poet will be announced on the 28th. There are over twenty poems entered that explored the word ROAD.  They are all well constructed and beautiful.  Please go ahead and read all of them before you vote for your favorite.  Please check out the link below to read and vote, you can only vote for one entry. Thank U in advance and Good Luck!




I feel loved When….

Come from nowhere,

But keep whirling

Out of magic.

Shooting stars

That twinkle

And make a circle

In the middle,

We offer praises

And dance

With grace

and craziness.

That’s how we love.


Hello, How R U?

This Thursday I wrote this little poem in Amy‘s comment section about love. Today I share it with U.

I feel loved when people comment from their heart and show authentic appreciations to my effort, I know my work is imperfect, the joy lies in the process of the creation, not the highest destination of perfection.

When do U feel loved by another soul?

I feel loved when_________________________.

Please complete the above sentence. Have FUN loving and accepting love!

😉 😉 😉  thank U for the time spent in Jingle’s place.

Thursday Thinking Tank-To Love Is To Forgive

The purpose of life on earth

Is to love,


And serve.

For some reason,

Offenses happen


Hush words are spoken

Without careful consideration.

Resentments become roadblocks

in communication.

Pardon must be given,

Anger must be renounced

In order for peace, love, and humanity

To be granted by Heaven.

To love

Is to forgive

Not receive!

It’s hard to love one’s enemy,


The pain is NOT lessened

When hatred faces hatred.

Love obliterate

And eliminate.

Love is light,

Love is sunshine.

To love others

Is to love yourselves.

With love as the prescription

For everything,

Life is lighter,

Your smile is brighter.


Poets United (Thursday Thinking Tank, Forgiveness)

I Spy A Ghost Looking At My Post

I spy a man greeting a hen,

I spy a fox hiding in a box,

I spy a goat sailing a boat,

I spy a frog sleeping on a log,

I spy an actor beaming at his contractor,

I spy a cat snoring on a mat,

I spy a star dancing from afar,

I spy the moon napping at noon,

I spy a cook selling a book,

I spy a whale sitting inside a pail,

I spy a hen writing with a pen,

I spy some cash under some trash,

I spy a word carved on a sword,

I spy a bunny scratching his tummy,

I spy a ghost looking at my post, 😉 🙂 😉

I spy_________________________.

Did you spy anything? Please let me know, Thank YOU and Happy Spying Sunday! 😉 😉 😉

When Hot And Cold Air Clashes (Hot Summer Haiku 1-10)


When hot and cold air clashes,

Thunders roll,

Lightening flashes.


The Sun

Has fun

Painting you tan. 😉


I wish I may,

I wish I might,

I wish for a pool to swim in tonight.


Like fire,

The sun bakes

While you hunger for snow-cakes.


A swimming pool

Is a tool

To stay cool.


A lightning bug is a firefly

Who winks at a butterfly

And teases at a dragonfly.


I eat a peach

Before I teach

At a beach.


The sky is blue,

The clouds are white,

The sun screams with burning sunlight.


When the day is hot,

Fish go hide under water

In the deepest spot.


Summer is tall

In comparison

with Spring and Fall.


Hello, How are you today?

I miss summer time when the day is icy cold and the road is bad for driving.

I share ten (10) hot summer Haiku with you today, hope that you enjoy it.

Let me know if you find your favorite one among the list above. Thank you and have a beautiful spring day. 😉 😉

Money Is Not Everything!

Time is money,

Money is power.

Is it true?

Maybe yes,

Money can buy your a house brand-new !

May be No, because you can tell

Power can not measure the seeds you sow.

Time is precious,

Money is not everything.

It is costly to be pure money driven,

Because the credit of your performances

For your time on earth

Is the caring nature you spared

Before your physical death.


How are you today?

Is money everything?

Among time, money, fame, power, or fortune , which one is on  YOUR top list?

Thank YOU for the visit and wishing YOU A Fulfilling Day! 🙂 🙂


Money Can Buy Food, But Not Fulfillment: