Money Can Buy Food, But Not Fulfillment!

Money can buy food, but not fulfillment,

Money can buy clothes, but not coziness,

Money can buy a car, but not safety,

Money can buy a book, bu not knowledge,

Money can buy a sale deal, but not success,

Money can buy information, but not version,

Money can buy glasses, but not vision,

Money can buy a home, but not happiness,

Money can buy sleep, but not relaxation,

Money can buy a degree, but not education,

Money can buy power, but not peace,

Money can buy a clock, but not time,

Money can buy freedom, but not wisdom,

Money can buy relieve, but not believe,

Money can buy medicine, but not health,

Money can buy acceptance, but not respect,

Money can buy copyrights, but not human rights,


Money can buy sex, but not love,


Money can buy anything, nut not everything.

Your turn:

Money can buy_____, but not _________.

Thanks a great deal.   😉


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Money Is Not Everything:

Money Is Not Everything!

Time is money,

Money is power.

Is it true?

Maybe yes,

Money can buy your a house brand-new !

May be No, because you can tell

Power can not measure the seeds you sow.

Time is precious,

Money is not everything.

It is costly to be pure money driven,

Because the credit of your performances

For your time on earth

Is the caring nature you spared

Before your physical death.


How are you today?

Is money everything?

Among time, money, fame, power, or fortune , which one is on  YOUR top list?

Thank YOU for the visit and wishing YOU A Fulfilling Day! 🙂 🙂


Money Can Buy Food, But Not Fulfillment: