What Can You See?

Bloggers blog,

Writers write,

Feel free to blog,

Feel free to decide.

Look at the blue image of the sea,

what do you see?

I see a snow bear

with NO hair;

I see a hole

with a plastic pole;

I see a sir

Who makes a curious stare;

I see a prank

Inside a water tank…

wow, come on,

Let’s write about our own life song.

Any questions? Ask Eric,

Enjoy the fun, No panic!


A poet, a talented and very supportive blogger, Eric, has his very first prompt posted today, write a story, a poem, or  a funny caption based on the image he provided, comment and leave your link to let  him know…he will visit you and have fun!


This is also an entry 4

Jingle Poetry Week 4 Monday Poetry Potluck

A Poem Is Invented…

A poem is invented

By the experiences that inspire,

By the heart that beats,

By the words that matter,

By the love that evolves,

By the doors that open,

By the gifts that are given,

By the laughter that rolls,

By the fingers that dance,

By the boat that sails,

By the leaves that quiver,

And by________________!

Fill in anything in my mind to complete this poem, have fun, everyone! Thank you all for the wonderful comments and curious visits!

Enjoy a day filled with inspirations, motivations, imaginations, and satisfactions!