I Have No Clue I will Get This flu

I have NO clue

I will get this flu,

The day seems warm

I thought wearing T-shirt would do No harm.


That’s is how

I feel a little bit sick right now.

The running nose

Reminds me of a watering hose,

The red eyes

Make it difficult to be sharp and wise.

I think I actually have the cold and allergy,

So I took a pill to restore my energy.

I feel all better after a few hours,

I expect to be well and happy tomorrow like flowers.

I will eat more fruits and vegetables,

I will do more nature walks,

Less empty talks.

It is sad to get a flu,

It is uncomfortable to feel sick.

It impacts many people when I feel blue,

I plan to live healthier life next week!


Hello, How are You?

This poem is written for fun. I have a little allergy but is under firm control.

I feel normal except my nose smells nothing.  Anyway, this post is for all those

who have been there and best wishes to You on health, life, and dreams.

Happy Saturday!  🙂  😉  😉