Do A Somersault With No Fault On A Somerset (Hot Summer Haiku 21-30)

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Do a somersault

With no fault

On a somerset.


Pass summer nights

With tales about pirates

And stories about fairies.


Do a bunk

To get ride of Stinky



Toss a dime

Make something rhythm

For Summer time.


Birds stretch their wings

to sail above the mountains

And seek drinking fountains.


Put on sunblock lotion,

Have your slippers on motion

Before go deep in the ocean.


I can not see

In the sea

When I get seasick!


Not to wink

at the sink

That starts to look pink.


A sparrow

shall not swallow

Any arrow.


The Mountain awakes

As snow melts

And water floods the lakes.

How R U?

Hope that U enjoy some hot summer Haiku, U R the Coolest! 😉 😉 ;).

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