Happy 19th Birthday From Home, Dear Shengish Woo!


When it comes to one’s birthday or anniversary,
It’s simply natural to think of home
where one shares quality time with friends,
Sheng has made numerous NEW friends
at Northwestern University, Joe, Terence Tao,
Gordon Ramsay, and Lawrence Lessig are some of
those, JD Henneberry and Staffordray stayed in touch.
Happy Birthday from Home, Sheng!

Family Fridays-What Is The Most Beautiful Unit On Earth?

What is Geography?

A description of the Earth’s surface.

What is the Earth?

The planet or body on which we live.

What is the shape of the Earth?

Round, like a ball.

Of what is the Earth’s surface composed?

Water (70%) and land (30%).

Who live on Earth?

Human beings, animals, plants.

Where is the best place to be?

Home, sweet home.

What is the most beautiful unit on earth?

Families/A Family!

Family Fridays is co-hosted by Amy and Lori

Please visit all participants to read and enjoy

Family stories, and share some of yours if possible.

Re: It takes me less than 15 minutes to do this easy one,

I would miss ANYTHING but FAMILY Fridays post..

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