It Is A Matter Of Attitude!

Facing the Divine,

Recall everything you have done:

Does it put your mind in ease

After you fight and win a hard case?

Does it make you a better being

When you choose to find happiness by getting even?

Does it fit the Goodness’ name

When you earn money and fame

By opting to accuse, hurt, or blame?


I don’t think So!

You can keep rumors from spreading?

Or stop the stock-market from falling?

By being wise, nice, and loving!

You can choose to give instead of receive or gain

And build close bonds with those in pain

By helping, healing, and

Handing them the prizes you win!

It is a matter of attitude,

It has little to do with your aptitude.

No one shall live in vain, together, after

Passing the year of 2009,

We will try as best as we can

Not to live in vain


Please fill in the blank by sharing something you have done in helping others. Thank you!

This is inspired by Emily Dickson and is linked to  Poetry Pantry at Poets United

Count From 10 to 1, Let the Healing begin!


10,9, counting is fun,

8, 7, after ten is eleven,

6, 5, you can survive,

4, 3, reading is free,

2, 1, let it shine.


10, 9, walk and run,

8, 7, odd and even,

6, 5, swimming and dive,

4, 3, oppose and agree,

2, 1, the moon and the sun.


10, 9, draw a line,

8, 7, dream about Heaven,

6, 5, bliss will arrive,

4, 3, plant a tree,

2, 1, everything is fine.


10, 9, hot cross bun,

8, 7, baked in the oven,

6, 5, a fork and a knife,

4, 3, charge No fee,

2, 1, a job well done.


10, 9, praise the Divine,

8, 7, smile often,

6, 5, ready to drive,

4, 3, wait and see,

2, 1, celebrate with wine.


10, 9, I am your fan,

8, 7, my name is Steven,

6, 5, do high five,

4, 3, obtain a degree,

2, 1, let the healing begin.


This poem is entered for Poetry Pantry Week 3: