Fine Tune Relations in A Family

Everyone belongs to a family,

Either sadly or happily,

Each family belongs to a branch in a tree,

With some members scattering oversea.


Family can be seen via generations,

Parents and kids form the most loving relations.

Family can also be defined by organizations

Under the category of faith, hobby,  or occupations.


In Poets’ Family,

We all write and read poetry,

In Blogging’ family,

We all write and read blogs.


A family may be large,

A family may be small.

Some family members may be short,

Some may be tall.


A family is a community,

Where all members strive to form a unity.

It is cool to be part of a family,

With everyone contributing, and being taken good care of under high quality.




And friendship

Are what family members worship!


Hello, How are YOU?

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