Happy Birthday 2 Lisa Plus Happy Belated …

The Birth of a poet

Is as joyful as the discovery of GOLD.

Through our shared passion,

U, he, she, they, and we come to the same mission

and revolve in a renewed dimension.

We are united,

Everyone is invited,

The world becomes more fun

As we form a community as ONE.

The lives of others are illuminated

Because POETS refuse to be humiliated.

Via the poetry you write,

Via the spirits you carry with pride,

POETS become more confident,

POETS rock the blogging world, NO accident!

The birth of a poet

Is the beginning of a divine road,

Happy Birthday,

Your talent makes my day,

Happy Belated Birthday,

Bring in the cake,

Join our party on exact date,

Let’s celebrate

Our unity

In a loving community

with unbeatable poetry!

By Jingle on August 26, 2010, Dedicated to all blogging friends,  especially poets…


Today is Lisa’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Lisa, xxx

August 26,  Lisa:http://frayedges.wordpress.com/

Happy Belated Birthdays, Fellow poets below, U Rock! (We only do 2010 birthdays on today or before….Let me know if u wish to be on the list…)

January 1, Kavita, http://kavisionz.wordpress.com

January 18th, Mia, Imagina

February 10, Lilly:http://summaryofmysoul.wordpress.com/

February 10, Purvi:http://puplumages.wordpress.com/

February 28, Willliam at william

March 1, Christinehttp://ibrewhaiku.blogspot.com/

March 27, Amanda (buttercup):http://buttercup600.wordpress.com/

March 28, Someone Is Special at Few Miles

April 2, Jamie at Jaymie

April 28, Shakira at shakira

May 22, Wordsalad at, Luke Prater

May 26, Wondrinsoul: http://everwondrinsoul.wordpress.com

June 18, A Poem A Day at Adkwriter15…

June 22, Bing (PinkLady): http://pinklady-bing.blogspot.com or

June 26, Wordwand atwordwand

July 10, Suzi at: suzicate

July 1, Harshikahttp://www.dancingfreak.wordpress.com

July 21, 2010…. Amy at amy

July 22, Ewan Walker:http://www.walker287.wordpress.com/

July 24, Annie: http://www.lovelyannie79.wordpress.com

August 3, Heartspell at heartspell

August 8, Megzone at Megzone

August 10, Doni, http://divisoria.wordpress.com/

August 18, Leohttp://leonnyes.wordpress.com

August 11, Olivia:http://oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com/

Thank You!

The Butterfly Award

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Yesterday I Took A Wrong Turn

I took a wrong turn
and ended up on a cliff;
I plan my path before I start,
I want to be smart
and accomplish things with firm belief.


I’ll bury all of the sorrows
and let go of errors,
I’ll know when to stop
and orchestra my way to the top.


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Family Fridays is co-hosted by Amy and Lori at Peterson~St. Louis And Keeping up with the Schultz Family Happy Birthday To  Alyce’s Grandpa today!

Happy Birthday Wishes from Jingle

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