Appreciating Fears

Everyone has fears!  Fears often knock at your door in an unexpected way. It may appear in a form you may not be able to recognize it. But it is there and is part of your feelings!

Some people quit and give up their dreams due to their fears of gossips, failures, stresses, and low self-esteem or low-self-confidence! While others find a way to deal with them.

It is important that you recognize fears and learn the ropes of handling them.

Believe me,  fear is manageable if you learn to embrace it, take it to your heart and study it, try to understand and appreciate it.

Fear will disappear if you grasp the art of living with it. You can turn fear into power inside, which keeps you from harm, reminds you of things that are important, and offers you access and tools to face the wounds and begin the healing!

Overcoming your own fears could involve some activities, such as talking, listening to other people’s experiences, reading, writing, visualizing, and mediating.

Please appreciate your fears, feel them and feel them completely. Enjoy the daybreak when the dawn eventually comes to an end. Smile widely and loudly to celebrate your triumph for successfully managing your fears!

There is nothing to be feared about if you face fears and find ways to settle them down!

An Opportunity for You

To some, I am a loser

defeated in the game,

To the rest, I need this suffer

in order for you to win fame.

For worse or for better,

Life is no more the same.

A lesson learned for me, together

with an opportunity for you, No shame!

Do you care about how people think about you?  Do you mind when people misjudge you on the face of one single event, a special situation, or an old experience with your being a novel hand? How do you react when you read a comment sheet saying that you are rude, aggressive, stubborn, selfish, or even intolerable?

Do you know that fighting back with the same negativity will make your situation worse? Are you aware of the reasons why some people will not like you regardless what you do?

Keep in mind: No one will pay attention to a twig broken in the woods, nobody will carry any sympathy toward a dead fly in your kitchen. Why? The twig is invisible in comparison to the forest, thus its misfortune has gone unnoticed; while the fly may be disgusting to be around for the sake of your food safety, thus it has to die! On these examples, we are talking about significant differences between the powerful and the less powerful, between insects and human beings. It’s law of the nature.

If life requires you to let go, accept the fate!

There are times the fight or disagreements happen to people of equivalences. You and your team players  are equivalences, you and your friends are equivalences!

In the game of life, you are attacked maybe because you have better chance of winning, you are screened since you may stand a little taller and may shine a little brighter.

Realizing this, you shall not be disturbed by the words of your opponents! Welcome criticisms, and consider all the sorrows, setbacks, and barriers as opportunities for you to see yourself in a new light, and believe that you are smart, determined, creative, hardworking, and caring!

At times, when someone intends to drag you into the pool to have your drowned, or when it comes to life and death circumstances,  you must be sharp, responsible, even forceful to protect yourself. And you know in this case, NO will be your response, SORRY will be your manner, and DISCONNECT will be your decision!