Mindful Math


The operation m * n is defined as: m * n= (m + 1)n

What is the value of  4 * 3 ?

A. 12

B. -125

C. 1

D. 27

E. 125


Hello, Everyone. How are you today? Do you mind doing some math for fun?

Please apply the number into the formula provided above on the right hand side of the equation to get the solution, * means operation, not refer to multiple or times in arithmetic or elementary math, choose a Letter with corresponding number to answer it.

Thank You in advance.

The Answer is E-125.


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Do It For Fun!

Hello, How do you do today?


Question #1 (Q1):

Start with 37,

Subtract by 12,

Multiple by 30,

Add by 366,

Subtract by 205,

you get _________?!


Question #2 (Q2):

Start with 11,

Add 14,

Multiple by 50,

Divide by 10,

Add by 786,

You get________?!



Do YOU think that Q1 and Q2 have the same answer? Yes or No, and Why?

Please use two (2)  WORDS  only to express the number you get in the end of the game after conclude your solutions.

Do it for FUN,

Solve the problems  one by one.

Math is cool,

How About You?  🙂 😉

Hello, everyone. Great job for all of you, the answer for Q1 and Q2 is the same, 911.Two words,  you can say

Nine Eleven,

September 11th,

Emergency Number             (U. S. A.)

Call Police,

Help Needed,

Scream, Help!

Tragic Morning,

Sad Memories,


Thank you all for trying, you have been very patient and good at computing and thinking.

I am thrilled about your efforts… cheers, 😉 😉 🙂


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