Life Frightens Me No More (Happy Birthday, Viola)

Knocks on the door,

Shadows on the floor,

A goose on the loose,

Wild and bizarre tattoos,

Life frightens me no more.


Trashes on the floor,

Ghosts in a store,

A murder on the run,

A dangerous and modern gun,

Life frightens me no more.


I know you,

I know what’s true.

I make pies,

I allow you many tries.

Life frightens me no more.


Aliens in a fight,

Darkness at night,

Strangers in the park,

Green eyes in the dark.

Life frightens me no more.


Don’t scare me with wiggly worms,

Don’t force me into panic screams.

Life frightens me no more,

I only have fears in my dreams.


Happy 65th   Birthday To Viola!

Thank YOU for the support and love to Poets, Viola Tabor!

I write the poem for YOU and wishing you

A Very Merry Birthday!

😉 😉 😉

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