Fickle Comfort Slips Away

Fickle comfort slips away,

What is the reason,

It refuses to say.

What it can,

It may not do.

It deserts Me

To please You!


Capricious peace will not bind

The fatigued heart,

The ragged mind,

The motionless expressions,

The restless sleep.

It sports

Within your keep.


Frolic confidence makes its escape

While I watch a video tape.

It fades like the sunset rays,

And I am not sure what kind of game it plays.


This is Thursday Poets’ Rally Poem Post Week 18.

Thanks to Wordwand, Pete, and JP for nominating Jingle

of Week 17 The Perfect Poet Award. As for Week 18, Jingle

Wishes to nominate Celebrating a Year.

Happy Wednesday!

Have Fun in the Rally!

😉 😉 😉