All The Way To San Diego Zoo

Jingle took a picture when her car enters the great state of California, U. S. A.

Jingle loves These trees, they are not seen in other part of the country

A Photo Shot of San Diego Zoo Entrance  by Jingle

Pandas in the zoo by Jingle

Guess Who is this and where is she, Good Luck!


Hello, How are YOU?

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Spring Break Is Here

This week

Lori@ The Peterson Family hosts Family Fridays

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Family Fridays/Grandma’s 90th ….,


I will NOT miss Family Fridays. Here, I have written a poem about Spring Break, hope that you enjoy it:


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Are you going to visit the zoo?

Or spending time in a heated pool?


Spring break it next week,

Teachers and students are taking a break,

What adventures are you going to seek?

Do you go fishing and boating in the lake?


I don’t know why,

I prefer NOT to fly.

I enjoy driving to places,

I love seeing spring blossoms’ pretty faces.


With a whole week to spend

To get refreshed in the end,

I would love to relax some more

And enjoy doing things I have never done before.


Spring break is here,

What are you going to do, my dear?

Please plan ahead,

Have some family fun instead!


Happy 90th Birthday to Amy‘s Grandma!

She looks cool and well, Please visit Amy to say Hello and

Wishing YOU all a Very Merry Weekend!

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