This is the place where I fell,

I’m remembering the origin of the history,

Fickle the scope of measure for measure.


This is the place where accidents happen,

Residue of the utmost obscure-

Not smart to move on.


This is the place where I was hurt,

I’m embarking the footprints left behind,

No more interests to step on.





To Forgive or Not To Forgive

Visualize in your head

All the conflicts you have to encounter,

And as the clock ticks,

You will believe with NO wonder,

The times when you have to struggle,

And the moments when you are lost

Are well worth the cost,

They keep your dreams alive

When you opt to forgive!

Gravity and Light are relative,

Wins and loses are temporary,

Issues and problems are resolvable,

Pains and wounds are curable,

And the rich and the poor are exchangeable.

Experiences and wealth can be gained,

Knowledge and skills can be learned.

Choose to forgive,

Your turn things around,

What a relief!