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Happy (Belated) Birthday to All of you,

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Eric (November 3)

83October (November 2)

Soulbro* (November 1)

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(November 15)

A Happy Belated Birthday, Dom*!

Happy Belated Birthdays, October83 and his father!

Happy Happy Birthday, Eric!

Happy Birthday In next two weeks, Dakshima!

Happy birthday to all November Babies!

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Thanks a lot, Happy Wednesday! xxx

What Can You See?

Bloggers blog,

Writers write,

Feel free to blog,

Feel free to decide.

Look at the blue image of the sea,

what do you see?

I see a snow bear

with NO hair;

I see a hole

with a plastic pole;

I see a sir

Who makes a curious stare;

I see a prank

Inside a water tank…

wow, come on,

Let’s write about our own life song.

Any questions? Ask Eric,

Enjoy the fun, No panic!


A poet, a talented and very supportive blogger, Eric, has his very first prompt posted today, write a story, a poem, or  a funny caption based on the image he provided, comment and leave your link to let  him know…he will visit you and have fun!


This is also an entry 4

Jingle Poetry Week 4 Monday Poetry Potluck

Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

My Haiku Entry 4 Leo’s Meme: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/2010/08/prompt-4-struggle.html

I am hurt by bears,

By bears with chairs,

I am hurt by sharks with locks.


I struggle with rhymes,

With rhymes that make my poem

Writing longer times.


Sorry for missing your birthday…

Happy Belated Birthdays Wishes to the following:

Amanda’s son, who has the same birthday as Jingle’s son, May 22,

Check out Amanda here: buttercup600.wordpress.com

Doraz’s 2nd son, who has a birthday on August 11, 2010


And a fellow and highly talented fresh poet Leo at: leonnyes.wordpress.com/

Happy Belated Birthday from Jingle and Friends of Jingle to THREE individuals mentioned above, including those who has a birthday this month and did not reveal….

Alan’s Son Nathan has 22 birthday today: Happy Birthday!http://ncbeachcomber.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/happy-birthday-nathan/

A lovely Blog Award from Eric at Bubba’s Place:


Well, I know Eric from my blogger account and know that he is a  talented poet who takes friendship seriously…Jingle is honored to be nominated along with 12 bloggers.  xxx

The Most Supportive Poet Award from Jingle

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Jingle

Rules: share with 1 to 10 friends

What a celebration!

At this time, Jingle wish to share above awards to ALL of YOU who have commented under this post, and commented under the following posts:

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Happy 2nd birthday to Noha’s Twin Babies:


Monday’s Child #7: Did You Know?