B Is 4 Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Balloon

Birthday Cake


Blueberry Muffins

Breeze Cocktail



Beach Bonding

Becoming & Beautiful

Balance via Taichi


Doraz had her birthday on September 4, 2010, while D had his birthday on September 15, 2010…Secret anent women had her birthday, September 29, and A poet B has a birthday this month as well, Happy Belated Birthday to You, Doraz, Secret Angent women, B and D., and Happy (Belated) Birthday to all of you who have (had)  birthdays in September….

Please visit  FOUR friends via the following links to give your greetings, Thank you in advance.

Doraz or http://dorazsays.wordpress.com/2010/09/04/happy-birthday-to-me-september-5th/

B has a September birthday, visit him here:


Secret Agent women had her birthday, September 29, 2010,


-D or http://dcec.wordpress.com/2010/09/15/its-official-twenty-5/

This is an entry 4 Alphabe-Thursday, B is 4 …

Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

My Haiku Entry 4 Leo’s Meme: http://haiku-heights.blogspot.com/2010/08/prompt-4-struggle.html

I am hurt by bears,

By bears with chairs,

I am hurt by sharks with locks.


I struggle with rhymes,

With rhymes that make my poem

Writing longer times.


Sorry for missing your birthday…

Happy Belated Birthdays Wishes to the following:

Amanda’s son, who has the same birthday as Jingle’s son, May 22,

Check out Amanda here: buttercup600.wordpress.com

Doraz’s 2nd son, who has a birthday on August 11, 2010


And a fellow and highly talented fresh poet Leo at: leonnyes.wordpress.com/

Happy Belated Birthday from Jingle and Friends of Jingle to THREE individuals mentioned above, including those who has a birthday this month and did not reveal….

Alan’s Son Nathan has 22 birthday today: Happy Birthday!http://ncbeachcomber.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/happy-birthday-nathan/

A lovely Blog Award from Eric at Bubba’s Place:


Well, I know Eric from my blogger account and know that he is a  talented poet who takes friendship seriously…Jingle is honored to be nominated along with 12 bloggers.  xxx

The Most Supportive Poet Award from Jingle

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Jingle

Rules: share with 1 to 10 friends

What a celebration!

At this time, Jingle wish to share above awards to ALL of YOU who have commented under this post, and commented under the following posts:

Wednesday Sensational Haiku


Happy 2nd birthday to Noha’s Twin Babies:


Monday’s Child #7: Did You Know?


Family Fridays-Posts In Blogs Form A Show (Celebrating Doraz’s 2 Years Blogging Fun)

Posts in blogs form a show,

Your arts are all talented though.

You will know me fair,

after I leave you a comment there.


My fingers must think it queer

To type in words with no one near.

Among links and bottles of beer,

I see the livelihood in blog-sphere.


The temperature is as high as 111,

Folks on earth dream of heaven.

Between crowded pools and steaming lakes,

I pray for cold breeze and milk shakes.


Posts are beautiful, delightful and deep,

I will have promises to keep,

And challenge to conquer before I sleep,

And miles to go before I stop.


This poem is written in celebrating blogging in general, especially 4 Doraz’s who has been blogging for more than two years, 1800 posts…Amazing achievements and efforts …Her posts are positive, delightful, and encouraging to read.

For Doraz, Happy Anniversary of Blogging Love!

Your Blog Rocks, Doraz!

Doraz, It’s Party Time!

Happy 2 Year Blogging Anniversary 2 Doraz, the Vibrant, Positive, and Laughing Queen

Please visit Doraz at Believe In Yourself here:


This is also an entry for Family Fridays, a meme that is co-hosted by Amy and Lori…

Please visit Amy 4 her Round Robin and Family Fridays entry here: Keeping up with the Schultz Family

Friends Are Special Award for all of you who read this post or blog.

Family can be large,

Family can be small,

Love makes a family,

Jingle loves u all.

Family Is Special Award for all of U who read this post or blog!

Happy Weekend!   😉 😉 😉

Thank You So Very Much, My Friend!

You Are The Best, My Friend!

Thank You, My Friend, I Am Better!

Special Thanks goes to Doraz, who had a post especially for me here:


Doraz, you have filled my space with love and warmth, I respect, cherish, and applaud you for your open mind, kind intention, and beautiful spirits…I am blessed to have someone such as YOU in life. xxx

Please visit Dora at Doraz today to enjoy her warmth and invite a fresh friendship to your blogging experience.

Doraz never disappoints!

Special thanks also go to Trisha:


She is so selfless and caring, what a blessing to have her as a friend.

Happy Belated Birthday to Pink Lady!

I have been thinking of you and I hope that your birthday was great!

Please visit Pink Lady today at PinkLady to wish her a Happy Belated Birthday!


Tentative Schedule for Thursday Poets Rally:

Thursday Poets Rally Week 24 will take place during July 1-7, Detailed information will be up on June 30, 2010.

Rally Week 25 will take place during July 21-July 28

Rally Week 26 will take place during August 12-18

Rally Week 27 will take place during September 8-14

Please mark your calendar and I will see you then…

I have missed all of You and hope that You feel better as well.


😉 😉 😉

…With A Poetic Kiss (Week 10 The Perfect Poet Award Accpetance)

Call the world’s soul

Including mine,

More beautiful than

Is the sun

Making its glory sunshine

To ripe grapes into wine,

Forget about what’s your goal,

Or what’s his,

Let those poets

Welcome Bliss

Of Talents

And have toasts

With a poetic kiss.

Trisha nominated Jingle for week 10 The Perfect Poet Award, what sweet and encouraging treat! She is such a dedicated member in our community and I am very thankful for the joy and enthusiasm she brings to our weekly Rally.

Thank You, Trisha, I am humbled and honored, xxx

I accept the award with my poem post above following the Rules of Acceptance stated in the award post and nominate Doraz at Doraz for week 11 winner

To view Week 10 The Perfect Poet Award Post, click here:


To see Trisha’s nomination, please click here:


For more information about Thursday Poets’ Rally week 11, Please check out the link here:


A Message for Soul Dose (A Copy of Doraz’s Post)

Soul Dose has been fighting an illness, and she is feeling lost right now. She has exhausted all of her options in South Africa, where she lives now with her family. In my opinion, she needs to seek a charitable foundation in this world of ours, that will take on her illness…and find some answers for her. Her family resources are limited and almost depleted. If ANYONE knows of ANY PLACE that can HELP ,Soul Dose PLEASE go to her blog, and pass it on. I am going to start looking on the internet for her to see what I can find. YOUR LOVE AND COMPASSION IN THIS MATTER IS DEEPLY APPRECIATED.


This post is entriely copyed from Luisa Doraz

(see link at : http://dorazsays.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/a-message-from-souldose/) in efforts to help Soul Dose, a new blogging friend who needs support.

If you know any charity or organization that might be helpful for this blessed person, please visit her blog and offer her the needed information. thank U in advance.

I am very foreign about such stuff, thus I have applied Doraz’s words so that NO mistake is made.

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