Feline Fun

There are four (4) cats in a boat, and one (1) jumped out. How many cats are left in the boat?

Solution: None, it is clearly said that 4 cats in a boat, one jumped off, since cats and humans are all copycats, the rest 3 cats and anyone who are humans also jumped off the boat.  We care about the moment, thus there in zero cats left in the boat.

Debbie and Bananz have correct answers.

The rest are well reasoned, and I enjoy the fun discussing this with you.  Thank U for the participation!

Happy Sunday 2 U all!

U R The Best!

Count From 1 To 10 Twenty different Ways (1-5)

Counting from 1 to 10 is very important to children’  initial learning about mathematical concepts. Recall on Barney And Friends of PBS , they count from 1 to 10 with two numbers connected at a time.  I revised the WORDINGS and share the first five (5) different ways of doing it, enjoy!



1, 2, go to the zoo,

3, 4, shop at the store,

5, 6, build with bricks,

7, 8, sugar is sweet.

9, 10, buy me a pen.


1, 2, Winnie the pooh,

3, 4, eat with a paw,

5, 6, search for beehives,

7, 8, honey tastes great,

9, 10, hungry again.


1, 2, an owl says hoot,

3, 4, tigers roar,

5, 6, a fox hides in a box,

7, 8, a bird says tweet,

9, 10, stay in the den.


1, 2, cows say moo,

3, 4, two walls make a hall,

5, 6, chew the grass,

7, 8, breed in high rate,

9, 10, big fat hen.


1, 2, ghosts say boo,

3, 4, stop the snore,

5, 6, do more tricks,

7, 8, juggle one more plate,

9, 10, birds love to sing.


Today’s Question for YOU:

How do you teach your kids to count? If you have no children yet, how did you learn about numbers when you were young? Do you enjoy counting at all?

Thank YOU for the time, Happy Monday!


Count From 10 to 1, Double Your Holiday Fun!

Let’s count down until Christmas day!

10-Ten poles, Ten holes;

9-Nine chairs, Nine pears;

8-Eight ducks, Eight trucks;

7-Seven games, Seven names;

6-six dolls, Six rolls;

5-Five hoses, Five noses;

4-Four trains, Four stains;

3-Three chicks, Three tricks;

2-Two jars, Two cars;

1-One computer, One commuter.

Count it once,

Count it twice,

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,

Double your holiday fun!


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