The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Awards (Art, Humor, Cooking, plus Short Stories)

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Food/cooking: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award In Food/Cooking has the following winners:

Buttercup600 (7 votes)

Barbara ( 7 votes)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved (6 votes)

Cindy (4 votes)

Amy (4 votes)

Willow ( 3 votes)

Michelle (3 votes)

Kavita (2 votes)

Hoiden (2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel (2 votes)

Art/painting: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 award in Art/Painting has the following  30 winners:

RiikaInfinityy (10 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

Trisha ( 5 votes)

SmArtee (5 votes)

Dancingfreak (5 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 4 votes)

liv2write2day ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Dustus (Adam) (4 votes)

Artswebshow ( 4 votes)

Ladynimue ( 3 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 3 votes)

Doraz ( 3 votes)

Dasuntoucha ( 3 votes)

Thysleroux ( 3 votes)

lesliepaints (3 votes)

Jingle ( 3 votes)

Joanny ( 3 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 3 votes)

Amy ( 3 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 3 votes)

Tasithoughts (3 votes)

PurpleHatter ( 3 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 3 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 3 votes)

Suzanne ( 3 votes)

Purvi ( 3 votes)

Noha (3 votes)

Lyn ( 3 votes)

Madeleine ( 3 votes)

Art/painting:The following bloggers have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Art/painting Honorable Mention Award:

Amanda/buttercup, Imagination, Kathe W, Fyodor Lewis, Kristen, Mellisa, Shewriting, Imagina, Someone is special, Babara, Talon, Olivia, Joef, The reason you come, Desiree, Alethea, Ilovepinks, C it my way, Redness, expressive world, Jannie Funster, Thea, My crazy life, Wanjikun, G-man, Catnip, Kathy, Tanka, Jerry, Tim, Thoam, Ashbeezone, Ishabelle (1 or 2 votes)

Humor: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Humor Award has the following winners:

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 9 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 8 votes)

Nanka ( 7 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

TALON ( 6 votes)

Jingle ( 6 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 5 votes)

Artswebshow ( 5 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 5 votes)

Doraz ( 5 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 4 votes)

Kavita ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 4 votes)

William ( 4 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 4 votes)

Sunny ( 4 votes)

G-man ( 4 votes)

Buttercup600 ( 4 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 4 votes)

Bananazஇ ( 3 votes)

Thom ( 3 votes)

Sheila ( 3 votes)

Olivia ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 3 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 3 votes)

Dan ( 3 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Timoteo ( 3 votes)

Jessica ( 3 votes)

Shashi ( 3 votes)

Jerry ( 3 votes)

♥ Kathy ( 3 votes)

Humor:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Humor Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Thysleroux, angela, Wordsalad, Bodhirose, Willow, Tim Keeton, Tweety, Dancing freak, Tasithoughts, Thoughtsnotlost, Trisha, Christopher, Chamz, the reason you come, heather, lunna, Dennis, wordwand, beyond the blog, Ishabelkle, comedyplus, Tracy, Kellie, Celebrating a year, Caribbean fool, Chris G., words4afriend, Fiveloaf, Amy (1 or 2 votes)

Short stories:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in short stories Winners  ( 34 bloggers)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 15 votes)

Kavita ( 12 votes)

TALON ( 11 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 11 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 11 votes)

Jingle ( 11 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 10 votes)

Olivia ( 10  votes)

Buttercup600 ( 9 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 9 votes)

Fiveloaf ( 9 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 9 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 9 votes)

Dan ( 8 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 8 votes)

Trisha ( 7 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 7 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 7 votes)

Bodhirose ( 7 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 7 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 7 votes)

Tracyhsays ( 6 votes)

William ( 6 votes)

Revbillcook ( 6 votes)

Life: Between the lines ( 6 votes)

Tasithoughts ( 6 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 6 votes)

Thoughtsnotlost ( 6 votes)

Nanka ( 6 votes)

Dancingfreak ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 5 votes)

Glory ( 5 votes)

Chris G. ( 5 votes)

Dennis ( 5 votes)

Alethea ( 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 runner-up award in short stories has the following winners:

Jessica ( 4 votes)

Caribbean Fool ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Booguloo ( 4 votes)

LeiffyV ( 4 votes)

Sam373 ( 4 votes)

Industrialarts ( 4 votes)

Angela Cohan ( 4 votes)

Shashi ( 4 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 4 votes)

Tweety ( 4 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Teresa ( 3 votes)

Haisley ( 3 votes)

Fairygodsister ( 3 votes)

Megzone ( 3 votes)

The Reason You Come ( 3 votes)

Words4Afriend ( 3 votes)

Luke Prater ( 3 votes)

Curtis Honeycutt ( 3 votes)

Chamz (3 votes)

Mr. Mojo Risin ( 2 votes)

River ( 2 votes)

( 2 votes)

bward42 ( 2 votes)

Eaton Bennett ( 2 votes)

Pat Cegan ( 2 votes)

Fillingahole ( 2 votes)

Artswebshow ( 2 votes)

Hoiden ( 2 votes)

Nimue ( 2 votes)

Tootsie ( 2 votes)

Lu Ann ( 2 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 2 votes)

jargnar ( 2 votes)

Gwen Dubeau ( 2 votes)

heartspell ( 2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel ( 2 votes)

Dom* ( 2 votes)

G-man ( 2 votes)

~Drew ( 2 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 2 votes)

wiserskydiver ( 2 votes)

Willow ( 2 votes)

Gnarlyoak ( 2 votes)

Chick Under Construction ( 2 votes)

Doraz ( 2 votes)

Julielaing ( 2 votes)

The story book ( 2 votes)

Sending up joy ( 2 votes)

The following bloggers plus those who are nominated in the post ( see link below) have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 honorable mention in short stories..

Gally Lines ~



thoughtful delights 🙂

Out Of Context: pieces of a life





Shigune Matsui


Naba Kumar Barman



Happy Christmas, Everyone!

I have no control of the outcome, if your link is included in the nomination post, you win The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Short Stories honorable Mention Award, all other awards are specified with names and please look 4 your name and enjoy!

Everyone can win, if you stay active via Thursday Poets Rally, Jingle Poetry Potluck, or simply have kept close in touches with fellow bloggers in Jingle / Jingle poetry Community…  Thanks for those who voted and BEST Wishes of the Day!  xxx

everyone can take this award..

The Celebrate Blogger of August Awards (Art, Cooking, Humor, Short Stories)

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Food/Cooking Award:

Amanda/Buttercup: 16 votes

Jamie Dedes: 15 votes

The Only Cin: 9 votes

Hoiden: 8 votes

Kavita: 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Food/Cooking Honorable Mention Award:

Brownie girl, Amy(1), Amy (2), Barbara: Each 1 vote

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Award:

Artswebshow, Lest I Smite Thee: Each 9 votes

Olivia: 8 votes

Riika: 5 votes

Adam, Liz (Morganna), Amanda: Each 4 votes

Celebrating A Year, Fuck Yeah, Ibok, Joanny, Deadpoet88, Jingle: Each 3 votes

Leo, Rhythm of the soul, Tracy, Megzone, Raj, Tokeloshe, Dancing freak, REdsss, C It My Way, Trisha, Expressive world, Jannie Funster, Doraz, Ishabelle, Noha, Imagina, Desiree, Kavita, Soul Dipper, Ilovepinks, Each 2 votes

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award:

Shakira, Art By Thomas, Absurb Old Bird, Suzanne, Cartoon and Queser: Each 1 vote

The following bloggers (25)  have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Award:

Amanda (Buttercup): 15 votes

Kavita: 14 votes

William and Trisha: each 13 votes

Heartspell, Jessica Japes, Artswebshow: Each 10 votes

Leo, Jingle, each 9 votes

Pinklady, Lest I Smite Thee, Deadpost88, Bill Cook, Martin: Each 8 votes

Doraz, Talon: each 7 votes

Olivia, Hoiden, Adam, Jamie Dedes: Each 6 votes

Fiveloaf, Joanny, Collin, Frayedges, Pamela: Each 5 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Short Stroies Runner up award:

The only cin, Claudia, Imagina, Sandra, Nessa, Wiserskydiver, Lua, Brokenpenwriter, Raj, Music of life: each 4 votes

Mango, Kyoichi, Dancing freak, Taithoughts, Tracy, Lovelyannie, Thoughtsnotlost, Any0112, Ibok, Pete, Cah4el, Hindway, Robin, Alethea, Owen, Modernity’s Muse, A Poem A Day 2010, Senderupwords, Celebrating A Year,  Riika,  Ms. Peaches, Megzone, Viola, Heart, Shoelessboywondr, Whisper of Life: Each 3 votes

Noha, JP, Ellis, Dakshima, Rhythm of the soul, REdsss, Tokeloshe, October83, Keshav, Willie, Sillyfrog, Diamondand dogs, Sabby, C., Raven, The Story Box, Bodhirose, Christina, The dark Jasimine, Someone Is Special, Liz, Lauren, River,  10th muse, Naomi, Patric Berry, Lynn, Jessica Graf, Ishabelle, Eaton, The Juliebook, Live2write2day, Julie Scott: Each 2 votes

The flowing blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Honorable Mention Award:

Kathrine, Poet Traveler, Ms. Ott, Naba, Gerardine, Desiree, Direkt, Shakira, Girlgenm, Soul Dipper, Anthony North,  Adeeyoyo, Colonialist, Jared, Oink, D, Carolina, Mother2rah, Amrita, 700miles, Splashofexpression, AS, Blueplatpus, Lilly, Vavuous, Gray words, Tolle Lege, Belladonna23, Chris G., Betweenhearts75, A. B. Thomas, Pravin nair, Vivinfrance, Afternoontea, Caty, Mama Zen, J-star: Each 1 vote

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Humor Award:

Artwebshow: 10 votes

Talon, Olivia: Each 6 votes,

Doraz, Jessica Japes, Dennis The Vazsal: Each 5 votes

Comedyplus: 4 votes

Laugh Hard: 3 votes

Pattiken, Megzone, Christine, Thom, Starla, G-man, Ishabelle, Dom*, Jannie Funster, The Juliebook, Ms. Peaches, Someone Is Special: each 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Humor Honorable Mention Award:

Jamie Dedes, Kate, Granny, Wordwand, Shakira, Beyonf the blog, Thoughtful delights, out of context, gattina, Bananaz, colonialist, girl on the contrary, my crazy life, Sunny in Seattle, Jingle: each 1 vote

View the nomination announcement here:

The Celebrate Blogger of August Awards Announcements


Jingle is ready to do August Awards. We are successful last time by awarding the celebrate blogger of March, April on humor, art, short stories, of June on cooking/food.

List of nominations for August Awards:


#1: Any blogger who draw cartoons, write fiction or short stories, do food recipes or cooking, or do funnies meme can participate.

#2: Anyone who read or write blogs can help with the nominations.

#3: Each blogger can nominate1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of August  in Humor Award

1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Story Award

1-20 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of  August  in Cartoon or Painting Award

1-20 blogs for the Celebrate Blogger of August in Food/Cooking Award

#4: The Deadline for the nomination is Sunday, September 19, 2010.

#5: Winners are 20 bloggers in each category (4 categories) who have won the most number of honorable mentions under this post.

#6: All nomination process and comments are open to the public. You can count the votes you have by reading the comments in this post and know your position.

#7: This is going to be a great honor if you win, because winners are voted by the public! Have FUN!

#8: If your link is included, your win one vote automatically, if you vote, you win another vote for yourself.

#9: The Awards will be announced in Jingle’s Blog on or by Tuesday, September 21, 2010.

PS: The nominations focus on short stories, humor, art/cartoon, or cooking, sorry if I missed you, Good Luck next time.


Short Stories by William:




Whisper of life:

700 Miles: ()

Humor from Someone Is Special

Short Stories from Someone Is Special

Waylandsteinhour:Tell Me Again


Lest I Smite Thee:







Life, Love, Misery:








Bill Cook:



Dakshima: (


Modernity’s Muse:

A Poem A Day 2010:



Patrice Berry:






Pink Lady:




Gray words:

Tolle Lege:



Chris G.:



Ms. Peaches:

Afternoon Tea:



Dancing Freak:




A. B. Thomas:


Pravin nair:




K A Shaw:

Oliva: and






Jared :

83 October:


Music of My Life:


Celebrating A Year:



The JulieBoook:


Brokenpenwriter’s Blog:

Lovely, Life on inside:

Thoughts Not Lost:


As The Raven Flies:

Kavita: Step on it…

Someone is Special:

Can You Spare A Word or 5:

Olivia:I am Fire..!!

The 10th Muse: new piece

Ms. Peaches:

Trisha’s Short Fiction page:



Celebrating a Year:


The Lost Poet:




Pinklady: Of Fun and Friendship.


Jessica Graf:





A Life Less Blog:







Frayed Edges:



Tolle Lege:



Jessica Japes:


Bill Cook:


Laugh Hard:

Fuck Yeah:

Mama Zen:

Felt like knitting:

Starla’s Chat:

Musings by moonlight:

MO, unique thoughts:






The Only Cin:



Happy At Home:


Claudia’s Dairy:

Soul Intention:


Betweenhearts75’s Blog:

Pages from a Dairy:


Raondom Thoughts and Musings:

Beyond her years:





Dennis the

Secret Agent woman:



The Chrysalis Stage:

My crazy life:

Passionate fiction:


June Award post:

April Award Post

March Award Post:

The Friendship Award is 4  all of you who vote or are nominated under this post

The X’S-O’S Award is for all of you who vote or nominated under this post.

Math, Positive Thinking, Rage Free and More…

How are you? Are you happy? If not, what do you want to do to polish and boost your mood?

Are you workaholic? If not, what is the most rewarding things have been doing?

Be proud of yourself if you are math-aholic, music-aholic, workaholic, study-aholic, and friends-aholic! Because you have focused your energy and intelligence on your job, your studies, your people skills, or your number skills! I believe that with positive thinking leading your way, you could become productive at everything and your dreams will come true!

That is the power of positive thinking and productive living in mathematics, and in life in general!

There are times you may wonder your purpose of life, doubt your ability of achieving your goals, especially when you feel like mistreated, misunderstood, or punished by groups of people who disagree with, belittle, or envy you. Then what do you do?

Ignore gossips! Let the negative thoughts go buried by staying rage-free!

Rage-aholic is very counterproductive to your health! If anger, hatred, and madness are permitted in you, they will take charge in your everyday living, make  you lose your cool, and that lead to lose the battle in the game of life.

I know that you want to be unbeatable, be successful, and be admirable! Start now, think GIANT about yourself, GIANT people would not bother to take fights with small people, turn your thoughts to Channel P, the positive thinking channel, believe that your positive attitude will pay off, go ahead to encourage your coworkers, praise your boss, help a stranger whose car is down on the highway, spread good news about your job, your studies, and your friends. Push for a first-class standard in everything you think, believe, do, and say!

That’s what I have been working diligently to achieve in my day! I feel happy if I stayed clear from gossips,  I feel fulfilled if I have spent time praising others instead of attacking others. I feel empowered when more and more people agree with my way of thinking, behaving, and living!

Please send holiday rage, gossip rage, classroom rage, road rage, plane rage, shopping mall rage, cellphone rage, and internet rage to your disposal, live your day in stronger, brighter, and more heavenly way! Let’s sing-along

Counting Song (Part II)

1 2 3 4 5, be rage-free in life,

6 7 8 9 10, which means rage free on driveway, working place, and airplane!

Why didn’t you let me go?   Not until you agree and you know.

Why are you so firm to me?  Because I wish you do better than me!

1 2 3 4 5, above, love, half, and a beehive,

6 7 8 9 10, a pen, a hen, main and remain.

Why are you saying such a many thing? Because I have fun to let WORDS rain!

How do you feel about yourself? I feel grateful, thoughtful, and proud of myself!

1 2 3 4 5, let’s wait for bliss to arrive,

6 7 8 9 10, imaginations never end!

why do you believe so? Because it has been proved a long time ago!

What will you do is I disagree? Feel free to walk away, no obligation to stay!

Thoughts grow stronger when fertilized with sincere belief, passion, and countless repetitions!

I wish you A WORRY FREE, RAGE FREE, AND SICKNESS FREE FRIDAY!  (link to math problem solving site) (humorous link on “stop drunk driving!”