Sunday 160-As Music Dances

The conductor’s hands wave
As music dances,
and strings vibrate
in Violin, Cello, Viola, Bass…
Thunder alike claps roll from the mass
When the magic stops.


What can you say in 160 characters? (spaces included)

Check it out on Monkey Man;)

I used the character calculator

The Drive Way Before Arriving The Quartz Mountain

Quartz Mountain Summer Art Institute Image

I took a small hike along the path on the foot of the mountain

This morning before going to the concert at 10am.

The Long Wooden Bridge Connecting The

Summer Art Camp Resident Area and the

Performing Art Center

The Performing Arts Center At QM

(I attended the concert here Saturday night at 8pm,

This morning (Sunday) they have a goodbye concert

at 10am)

Hello, I have gone to my older son’s music concert yesterday,

I have shown you some images (see above) I have been in and

I am glad to be home today… Thank You! I hope that your

weekend is fun and relaxing!

Pink Is Cute!


A rectangle is cute,

A square is cuter,

A circle is the cutest.


A cow is cute,

A cow that gives milk is cuter,

A cow that gives high quality milk is the cutest.


A cello is cute,

A cello that is played by a boy is cuter,

A cello that is played by a boy to make the sickly heal is the cutest.


A pumpkin is cute,

A pumpkin with a happy face is cuter,

A pumpkin with a happy face glowing in the dark is the cutest.


A panda is cute,

A panda in a child’s arms is cuter,

A panda in a smiling child’s arms is the cutest.


A poem is cute,

A poem that tickles is cuter,

A poem that tickles and inspires is the cutest.


It is YOUR turn!

Pink is cute,

_____ is cuter,

_______ is the cutest!

Feel Free To Fill In The Blank Above, Enjoy A Pink Cute Day :)!