Theme Thursday-The Guinea Pig Show (Pets)

Hello, I am a guinea pig, regular kind…

Do I look handsome, Oh?

Where is my Mommy?

Do I need to lose weight?

I can be an action movie star, how about you?

It is cool to be someone in a fancy movie!

I enjoy diving!

I dress to impress, cute me, agree?

I am perfect to cuddle when I am stuffed.

I love Olympic games, it keeps me healthy and strong.

See, I am winning the golden medal for biking!

I love friends, regardless their races, gender, or sex.

I always have very healthy diet, cool, right?

Did you ever see a pig race? I run with grace!

Sharing is loving, I love my buddy guinea pigs.

Now you see how capable I can be!

Hello, I am a super guinea pig!


This is a post for Theme Thursday

(Pets) at Theme Thursday

Guinea pigs, or cavies are cutest, very fun-looking, and super lovable animals.

They can make great pets. I hope that YOU enjoy the show here.

I treasure your inputs and welcome your  feedback very much.

Happy Theme Thursday!

;) ;) ;)