Happy 19th Birthday From Home, Dear Shengish Woo!


When it comes to one’s birthday or anniversary,
It’s simply natural to think of home
where one shares quality time with friends,
Sheng has made numerous NEW friends
at Northwestern University, Joe, Terence Tao,
Gordon Ramsay, and Lawrence Lessig are some of
those, JD Henneberry and Staffordray stayed in touch.
Happy Birthday from Home, Sheng!


October is the beginning of Fall,

It has the beauty of fairies you adore.

Pecans and apples are ripen and golden,

Dogs and cats play hide and seek often.


October 1st is the best,

Because summer heat eventually gets to rest.

October 2nd is my birthday,

What a perfect time to celebrate.


I was born with the most curious eyes,

I enjoyed looking at autumn skies.

I was tickled by the rich colors of Fall,

I enjoyed pumpkin pies, my grandma used to recall.


I was terrified about getting flu shots,

Which had driven my parents nuts.

I was pleased to get the permission to choose

some of my favorite dresses and shoes.


I dreamed many fancy dreams,

I excelled in school without playing tricky schemes,

I explored places in long distances,

Thousands of books had given me soul food to smile at certain circumstances.


October is haunting ans exciting as well,

Ghosts are all over the town to dwell.

Feed yourself some sweet pop tarts

before the chill of November starts.


Months of the Year challenge – Oct

A Poem For Mom By Tom

My mom is a Panda protecting her cubs,

My mom feels like a warm pillow,

My mom smells like love,

My mom is nice like an angel,

My mom’s chocolate ship cookies cheer me up on a bad day,

My mom looks like a rose.

PS: A Poem For Mom is written by a boy named Tom on Mother’s day in his 2nd grade class. He was lucky to have Ms. Wisdom as his teacher, who encouraged the class to write poems, adventure stories about their favorite pets. I did not change a word, it is Tom’s original work and I am prod of his pure love for his mom.

I dedicate this poem to all Moms, either you are a mother-to-be, or a mother now, including those who have chosen to adopt children and threat them as their own.  Moms are great in your children’ eyes, don’t you?

Today is also Tom’s birthday, Happy birthday, Tom! You are a joy to have, you spread positive energy all over the places via your sensitive eyes, tender mind, and cute heart. Thank you for writing this beautiful poem for your mom, and for moms all over the world to share.

It is Christmas, Jesus’ birthday, thus, Merry Christmas to you all.