Paradise ( A Poem) Plus Birthday Celebrations!

Above the ocean,

Below the heaven,

There is a paradise

Where you can act divine or wise.

Everything will be perfect there,

You won’t be bothered by subjective stare.

You can enjoy life as you will,

And let your fears roll down the hill.

There will be no accusations or misconceptions,

There will be no painful communications,

You simply enjoy kind and pure minded friends,

The joy of writing and blogging has no ends.

Sorrows vanish like summer rain,

Sickness desert you without pills of pain,

The air will smell like fresh roses,

Inspirations fill your soul with perfect proses…

Oh, my, I just discovered that TWO poets in our community will celebrate their birthdays on December 29th, and they are turning to the SAME age…They are Pat Cegan and Victoria..Happy Birthdays, Princess Poetesses..What a miracle to know you two were born at exactly the same day and exactly the same year…

I also learned today that Kavita will celebrate her birthday on January 1st, and Ina will do hers on January 4th, Since we have NO potluck on January 2nd, thus I included them here and

Fiveload mentioned that he has a birthday todaY, 28TH, I add his name here…

Everyone, please join us with these fabulous celebrations..Feel free to visit the following 5 poets to wish them Happy birthday!



Pat Cegan



I am linking this post to potluck week 16 today, every poet is welcome to join us 4 this last potluck fun of 2010…Thanks for the support all year long, Happy 2011, Stay Blessed!

Poetry Potluck

B Is 4 Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Balloon

Birthday Cake


Blueberry Muffins

Breeze Cocktail



Beach Bonding

Becoming & Beautiful

Balance via Taichi


Doraz had her birthday on September 4, 2010, while D had his birthday on September 15, 2010…Secret anent women had her birthday, September 29, and A poet B has a birthday this month as well, Happy Belated Birthday to You, Doraz, Secret Angent women, B and D., and Happy (Belated) Birthday to all of you who have (had)  birthdays in September….

Please visit  FOUR friends via the following links to give your greetings, Thank you in advance.

Doraz or

B has a September birthday, visit him here:

Secret Agent women had her birthday, September 29, 2010,

-D or

This is an entry 4 Alphabe-Thursday, B is 4 …