You Can Make A Difference

WORDS are written

As an expression,

WORDS are spoken

Via communication.

Some WORDS do wonders,

While other WORDS do damages.

Friendships grow

If your WORDS glow.

Choose WORDS wisely,

Utilize WORDS brightly.

Make everyday a holiday,

Let the WORDS you say

Lead the way

Take you to a heavenly bay… 😉 😉


Hello, how are you today?

Never, ever underestimate the power of yourself as a human being. You exist for a good reason, and you touch people’s lives through your WORDS in a way you may never recognize or believe you could.

Believe it or not, you are a shining star, you sparkle and twinkle beautifully above, your being alive blesses people with hope, warmth, and the reasons to go on.

You may feel lonely, bored, scared, confused, sick, wronged, or even desperate at times,  but you have managed to be where you are now, you are a winner, and you have showed others that, life can be tough or cruel at times, yet, everyone can win by staying alive and hoping for better.

You cherished your days because you have made efforts to care for others, you live with No regret because you give without thinking about receive, …you care, you understand, and you know you can make a difference in other people’s lives, you have pride in yourself and that’s what matters.


PS: While we admire and appreciate those who rushed to Haiti to rescue and help those troubled civilians after January 13, 2010 earthquake, we shall also appreciate those media reporters,  artists, and writers who employed their WORDS in literature to pass the news out and offer hope and resources to support the survivors. Everyone is special, everyone can make a difference in other people’s lives, that’s my point in this post.

Let me know What Is The Most Beautiful Word from your personal perspective!

Thank YOU! 😉 😉 🙂

Make The Pain Disappear!

Everyday, people suffer from all kinds of looses, losing a job is bad, losing a loved one is worse, and losing homes, job, and family members all at the same time is the worst nightmare one can never imagine. I am still in a shock about what happened to Haiti. Since natural disasters are unpredictable, unstoppable, and unbelievably powerful, we shall cherish what we have for today, and be happy, be positive, and give our loved ones encouragement, light, and comfort they deserve. Because nobody has control over tomorrow.

Again, this poem is written in providing hope to people all over the world who live under struggles, poverty, uneasy pains…


Survive the plight,

Turn around the situation,

Twilight in sight,

Turn on the Hope Station!

Overcome the hardships,

Get pass the fears.

Mend the broken relationships,

Shed No more tears.

Flee the shadows,

Wish for miracles to appear.

Conquer the sorrows,

Make The Pain Disappear!


Let’s cherish what we have for today, wish for the best for tomorrow, and

smile, study, send out messages, and shine our wisdom to make this world a better place!

Thank YOU! 🙂 🙂

Grandest wishes For You Tonight, Tomorrow, and For Good!


Becoming Homeless: