Family Fridays-More Chicago Memories

It is Another Beautiful Friday, It it  Time  4 Family Fridays with Lori@Peterson St. Louis and Amy
As  Chicago Bulls won their last Basketball Championship (my son, 3 years old), the whole city was in cheery mood of all kinds of celebration, I loved watching NBA on NBC at the time, because I used to play basketball while I was in High School.
Chicago has many parks, playgrounds..My son (above, 2 and a half years old) loved playing in the playground, where he could swing, slide, and meet other playmates…I have met many other spouses or grandparents who were with little kids at parks there….a nice place to socialize and exchange information…
University of Chicago view
Jordan, Pipen, Dennis, I remember their performances as they worked as stars to win… 😉
The World Famous Coach of The Chicago Bulls and The MVP winner, Michael Jordan, and more… they have made a great team, weren’t they?
I loved Chicago Bulls, I enjoyed watching their games and how they have overcome challenges, rumors, and more to stand on top of the basketball world at that time period, they have made history…..They inspire people from all walks of life,….
The record is there,
The world is aware.
The party may be over,
But the spirits are never going to disappear!
Happy Friday,
Have A Fantastic Weekend with Your loved Ones!
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Family Fridays-I Enjoy Watching Kids’ Basketball Games

Practicing Time

Getting Ready

Game Time

I love watching kids’ sports games, including basket ball and

baseball games.  My younger boy is about 10 years old when

he attended basketball games from above, that is  hosted by locale

community. It is fun to watch them learn, grow, and play.

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