Life Is Ready 4 U

There will be magics

Hidden in the things you do,

And all the promises

Will be kept 4 U!

There will be bliss

Waiting for you to get,

And all the costs

Will be paid ahead!

There will be treasures

Buried in the ocean floor,

Detailed clues will be provided

For U to explore!

Life is ready 4 U,

Confidence will get you through;

Be Happy, Be Free,

Blaze the trials, Lead the way!

Footnote: This poem is freshly written and dedicated to all those incredible people who offer unconditional support, love, and tolerance in making the world a better place to reside!  Happy Thursdays!

Special thanks go to for offering this extraordinary platform so that I speak for hope, with my wonderful readers joining in and having a famous grin. Without your selfless support, I am helpless! Thank you,, You saved the day!