Tomie DePaola (Tommy Da Pow La): Children’s Book Author and Artist

milan at italy

Tomie and Brönte in car

Photograph of Tomie dePaola and his dog, Brontë © by Julie Maris/Semel
Although no seatbelts were used during this photo session, the car was not moving during the photo session. Remember to always use seatbelts, and never drive with a dog on your lap.

Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) is best known for his books for children.

He’s been published for over 40 years and has written and/or illustrated nearly 250 books, including Strega Nona, 26 Fairmount Avenue, The Art Lesson, and Christmas Remembered. Over 15 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise is his newest book. Strega Nona’s Gift will be published in Fall, 2011.

Tomie dePaola and his work have been recognized with the Smithson Medal from the Smithsonian Institution, the Kerlan Award from the University of Minnesota for his “singular attainment in children’s literature,” and the Regina Medal from the Catholic Library Association.

He was also the United States nominee in 1990 for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in illustration. The American Library Association has honored him with a Caldecott Honor Book, a Newbery Honor Book, and the 2011 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his “substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.”

The University of Connecticut, Georgetown University and Pratt Institute, among others, have granted him honorary doctoral degrees. In 1999, he was selected for the New Hampshire’s Governor’s Arts Award of Living Treasure.

Tomie dePaola lives in New London, New Hampshire, with his Airedale terrier, Brontë, and works in a renovated 200-year-old barn.

All content and images copyright © Tomie dePaola. All rights reserved

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Awards (Art, Humor, Cooking, plus Short Stories)

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Food/cooking: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award In Food/Cooking has the following winners:

Buttercup600 (7 votes)

Barbara ( 7 votes)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved (6 votes)

Cindy (4 votes)

Amy (4 votes)

Willow ( 3 votes)

Michelle (3 votes)

Kavita (2 votes)

Hoiden (2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel (2 votes)

Art/painting: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 award in Art/Painting has the following  30 winners:

RiikaInfinityy (10 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

Trisha ( 5 votes)

SmArtee (5 votes)

Dancingfreak (5 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 4 votes)

liv2write2day ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Dustus (Adam) (4 votes)

Artswebshow ( 4 votes)

Ladynimue ( 3 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 3 votes)

Doraz ( 3 votes)

Dasuntoucha ( 3 votes)

Thysleroux ( 3 votes)

lesliepaints (3 votes)

Jingle ( 3 votes)

Joanny ( 3 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 3 votes)

Amy ( 3 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 3 votes)

Tasithoughts (3 votes)

PurpleHatter ( 3 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 3 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 3 votes)

Suzanne ( 3 votes)

Purvi ( 3 votes)

Noha (3 votes)

Lyn ( 3 votes)

Madeleine ( 3 votes)

Art/painting:The following bloggers have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Art/painting Honorable Mention Award:

Amanda/buttercup, Imagination, Kathe W, Fyodor Lewis, Kristen, Mellisa, Shewriting, Imagina, Someone is special, Babara, Talon, Olivia, Joef, The reason you come, Desiree, Alethea, Ilovepinks, C it my way, Redness, expressive world, Jannie Funster, Thea, My crazy life, Wanjikun, G-man, Catnip, Kathy, Tanka, Jerry, Tim, Thoam, Ashbeezone, Ishabelle (1 or 2 votes)

Humor: The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 in Humor Award has the following winners:

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 9 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 8 votes)

Nanka ( 7 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 6 votes)

TALON ( 6 votes)

Jingle ( 6 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 5 votes)

Artswebshow ( 5 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 5 votes)

Doraz ( 5 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 4 votes)

Kavita ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 4 votes)

William ( 4 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 4 votes)

Megzone ( 4 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 4 votes)

Sunny ( 4 votes)

G-man ( 4 votes)

Buttercup600 ( 4 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 4 votes)

Bananazஇ ( 3 votes)

Thom ( 3 votes)

Sheila ( 3 votes)

Olivia ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 3 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 3 votes)

Dan ( 3 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Timoteo ( 3 votes)

Jessica ( 3 votes)

Shashi ( 3 votes)

Jerry ( 3 votes)

♥ Kathy ( 3 votes)

Humor:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 In Humor Honorable mention Award has the following winners:

Thysleroux, angela, Wordsalad, Bodhirose, Willow, Tim Keeton, Tweety, Dancing freak, Tasithoughts, Thoughtsnotlost, Trisha, Christopher, Chamz, the reason you come, heather, lunna, Dennis, wordwand, beyond the blog, Ishabelkle, comedyplus, Tracy, Kellie, Celebrating a year, Caribbean fool, Chris G., words4afriend, Fiveloaf, Amy (1 or 2 votes)

Short stories:The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 Award in short stories Winners  ( 34 bloggers)

Jamie Dedes, all rights reserved ( 15 votes)

Kavita ( 12 votes)

TALON ( 11 votes)

Leo (Leonnyes) ( 11 votes)

Someone Is Special ( 11 votes)

Jingle ( 11 votes)

Scent of my heart ( 10 votes)

Olivia ( 10  votes)

Buttercup600 ( 9 votes)

RiikaInfinityy ( 9 votes)

Fiveloaf ( 9 votes)

Deadpoet88 ( 9 votes)

Liv2write2day ( 9 votes)

Dan ( 8 votes)

A.B. Thomas, Mutter Fluka ( 8 votes)

Trisha ( 7 votes)

Vibhuti B ( 7 votes)

Ashbeezone ( 7 votes)

Bodhirose ( 7 votes)

Kellie Elmore ( 7 votes)

Celebrating a Year ( 7 votes)

Tracyhsays ( 6 votes)

William ( 6 votes)

Revbillcook ( 6 votes)

Life: Between the lines ( 6 votes)

Tasithoughts ( 6 votes)

Emmanuel Ibok ( 6 votes)

Thoughtsnotlost ( 6 votes)

Nanka ( 6 votes)

Dancingfreak ( 5 votes)

lovelyannie79 ( 5 votes)

Glory ( 5 votes)

Chris G. ( 5 votes)

Dennis ( 5 votes)

Alethea ( 5 votes)

The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 runner-up award in short stories has the following winners:

Jessica ( 4 votes)

Caribbean Fool ( 4 votes)

Bing (PinkLady) ( 4 votes)

Booguloo ( 4 votes)

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Shashi ( 4 votes)

Sumit Sarkar ( 4 votes)

Tweety ( 4 votes)

Gracefulglider ( 3 votes)

Dr Madan Goyal ( 3 votes)

Teresa ( 3 votes)

Haisley ( 3 votes)

Fairygodsister ( 3 votes)

Megzone ( 3 votes)

The Reason You Come ( 3 votes)

Words4Afriend ( 3 votes)

Luke Prater ( 3 votes)

Curtis Honeycutt ( 3 votes)

Chamz (3 votes)

Mr. Mojo Risin ( 2 votes)

River ( 2 votes)

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bward42 ( 2 votes)

Eaton Bennett ( 2 votes)

Pat Cegan ( 2 votes)

Fillingahole ( 2 votes)

Artswebshow ( 2 votes)

Hoiden ( 2 votes)

Nimue ( 2 votes)

Tootsie ( 2 votes)

Lu Ann ( 2 votes)

Heather grace stewart ( 2 votes)

jargnar ( 2 votes)

Gwen Dubeau ( 2 votes)

heartspell ( 2 votes)

Carol Ann Hoel ( 2 votes)

Dom* ( 2 votes)

G-man ( 2 votes)

~Drew ( 2 votes)

Rajlakshmi ( 2 votes)

wiserskydiver ( 2 votes)

Willow ( 2 votes)

Gnarlyoak ( 2 votes)

Chick Under Construction ( 2 votes)

Doraz ( 2 votes)

Julielaing ( 2 votes)

The story book ( 2 votes)

Sending up joy ( 2 votes)

The following bloggers plus those who are nominated in the post ( see link below) have won The Celebrate Blogger of 2010 honorable mention in short stories..

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The Celebrate Blogger of August Awards (Art, Cooking, Humor, Short Stories)

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Food/Cooking Award:

Amanda/Buttercup: 16 votes

Jamie Dedes: 15 votes

The Only Cin: 9 votes

Hoiden: 8 votes

Kavita: 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Food/Cooking Honorable Mention Award:

Brownie girl, Amy(1), Amy (2), Barbara: Each 1 vote

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Award:

Artswebshow, Lest I Smite Thee: Each 9 votes

Olivia: 8 votes

Riika: 5 votes

Adam, Liz (Morganna), Amanda: Each 4 votes

Celebrating A Year, Fuck Yeah, Ibok, Joanny, Deadpoet88, Jingle: Each 3 votes

Leo, Rhythm of the soul, Tracy, Megzone, Raj, Tokeloshe, Dancing freak, REdsss, C It My Way, Trisha, Expressive world, Jannie Funster, Doraz, Ishabelle, Noha, Imagina, Desiree, Kavita, Soul Dipper, Ilovepinks, Each 2 votes

The following blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Art/Painting Honorable Mention Award:

Shakira, Art By Thomas, Absurb Old Bird, Suzanne, Cartoon and Queser: Each 1 vote

The following bloggers (25)  have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Award:

Amanda (Buttercup): 15 votes

Kavita: 14 votes

William and Trisha: each 13 votes

Heartspell, Jessica Japes, Artswebshow: Each 10 votes

Leo, Jingle, each 9 votes

Pinklady, Lest I Smite Thee, Deadpost88, Bill Cook, Martin: Each 8 votes

Doraz, Talon: each 7 votes

Olivia, Hoiden, Adam, Jamie Dedes: Each 6 votes

Fiveloaf, Joanny, Collin, Frayedges, Pamela: Each 5 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August In Short Stroies Runner up award:

The only cin, Claudia, Imagina, Sandra, Nessa, Wiserskydiver, Lua, Brokenpenwriter, Raj, Music of life: each 4 votes

Mango, Kyoichi, Dancing freak, Taithoughts, Tracy, Lovelyannie, Thoughtsnotlost, Any0112, Ibok, Pete, Cah4el, Hindway, Robin, Alethea, Owen, Modernity’s Muse, A Poem A Day 2010, Senderupwords, Celebrating A Year,  Riika,  Ms. Peaches, Megzone, Viola, Heart, Shoelessboywondr, Whisper of Life: Each 3 votes

Noha, JP, Ellis, Dakshima, Rhythm of the soul, REdsss, Tokeloshe, October83, Keshav, Willie, Sillyfrog, Diamondand dogs, Sabby, C., Raven, The Story Box, Bodhirose, Christina, The dark Jasimine, Someone Is Special, Liz, Lauren, River,  10th muse, Naomi, Patric Berry, Lynn, Jessica Graf, Ishabelle, Eaton, The Juliebook, Live2write2day, Julie Scott: Each 2 votes

The flowing blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Short Stories Honorable Mention Award:

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Doraz, Jessica Japes, Dennis The Vazsal: Each 5 votes

Comedyplus: 4 votes

Laugh Hard: 3 votes

Pattiken, Megzone, Christine, Thom, Starla, G-man, Ishabelle, Dom*, Jannie Funster, The Juliebook, Ms. Peaches, Someone Is Special: each 2 votes

The Following Blogger have won The Celebrate Blogger of August in Humor Honorable Mention Award:

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The Celebrate Blogger of April Award Announcement (Art, Humor, Short Stories)


Jingle is excited to do award for April. We are successful last time by awarding the celebrate blogger of march on humor, art, short stories. Thus hers is the list for April.


#1: Any blogger who draw cartoons, write fiction or short stories, or do funnies meme can participate.

#2: Anyone who read or write blogs can help with the the nomination.

#3: Each blogger can nominate1-15 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of March in Humor Award

1-15 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of March in Short Story Award

1-15 blogs for The Celebrate Blogger of March in Cartoon or Painting Award

#4: The Deadline for the nomination is Saturday, June 5, 2010.

#5: Winners are 12 bloggers in each category who have won the most number of honorable mentions under this post.

#6: All nomination process and comments are open to the public. You can count the votes you have by reading the comments in this post and know your position.

#7: This is going to be a great honor if you win, because winners are voted by the public! Have FUN!

#8: The Award will be announced in Jingle’s Blog on Monday, June 7, 2010.

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