The Search 4 A Poem (Happy Holidays)

Week 15 Theme: Reflections, Interpretations, Musings!

Week 16 Theme: Celebrations and festivities!

Thanks 2 Amanda/Kavita 4 The Muses…


I took an apple,

I washed it under the sink,

I dried it with paper towel,

Then I rubbed the smooth skin,

and smelled the flesh inside!

Sweeter than pineapple,

More crunchy than pears, wink,

The fairest fruit to gain brain power,

It tastes the warmth of the sunshine,

I breath out, then in,

Allowed the muses to offer me pride.

Special thanks to Trisha at Trisha for Poetry Potluck Pride, and Love It arts contribution…

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Claim any awards you like, Happy Holidays! xxx

Get Well Wishes 4 Riika and Leo

The Whole Wide world is yours,

The snow-covered mountains,

The sprinkling fountains,

The glittering sunlight,

The bluest sky,

The sweetest pie,

The singing birds,

The naughty cats,

The playful breeze,

The twinkling stars,

The burning mars,

The Milky Way,

The poetry library,

The buzzing bees,

The graceful willow trees,

The buried gems,

The pesky germs,

The delicious food,

The blissful mood,

The widest ocean,

The dearest friends…

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This poem is dedicated to all Poets, YOU At Jingle Poetry,  who make enomous difference in our community.

The Images are selected and dedicated to Riika, who have been sick because of chicken pox for more than a week now, and leo, who is under weather recent days.

Precious Princesses of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:





Jamie Dedes

Lovely Annie

Joanny (left to get her Ph. D)



True Princes of Jingle Poetry Who Serve You:

Leo (Leonnyes)


Someone Is Special

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Love you all!  xxx

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Haiku (Struggle) Plus Belated Birthdays & Awards

My Haiku Entry 4 Leo’s Meme:

I am hurt by bears,

By bears with chairs,

I am hurt by sharks with locks.


I struggle with rhymes,

With rhymes that make my poem

Writing longer times.


Sorry for missing your birthday…

Happy Belated Birthdays Wishes to the following:

Amanda’s son, who has the same birthday as Jingle’s son, May 22,

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Doraz’s 2nd son, who has a birthday on August 11, 2010

And a fellow and highly talented fresh poet Leo at:

Happy Belated Birthday from Jingle and Friends of Jingle to THREE individuals mentioned above, including those who has a birthday this month and did not reveal….

Alan’s Son Nathan has 22 birthday today: Happy Birthday!

A lovely Blog Award from Eric at Bubba’s Place:

Well, I know Eric from my blogger account and know that he is a  talented poet who takes friendship seriously…Jingle is honored to be nominated along with 12 bloggers.  xxx

The Most Supportive Poet Award from Jingle

The Most Elegant Blogger Award from Jingle

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What a celebration!

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