You Are Who You Hang With

Woud you rather be seen with tall people or short people? Nice or mean? Athletic or sedentary?

Animated or reserved? Happy ones or sad ones? Joke tellers or headline readers?…

Every day, you will see and be seen, judge and be judged, based on information that may be incomplete.

If you are good, don’t lower your standards to meet other people, encourage people to come up to yours. Shoot to be tall, require your followers to match your level.

You are who you hang with. Good is better than ordinary!

It saves time for explanations, justifications and rationalizations.

Wise people hang around with people from whom they can learn, people who make them think and laugh.

Wise people smile in appreciation, not derision. The only people they joke about are themselves.

Wise people associate with people who give them honest feedback, they connect with people who are positive, successful, and keep their promises, no matter how small they are.

Wise people steer away from those who are rude, belittle others, resent others’ beauty, brains, money, energy, relationships, and more.

Gossip about who did what to whom and who found out about it are a waste of your time.

Stay calm, no matter how huge the flame is up, your calmness tell people that you are in charge. Respectful, honest, controlled presence will set you apart.

Start today, begin now, making good associations shall be your priority.

Look for Good, Match it up, Feel Good, Happy Happy Being where YOU are!