Becoming Homeless

From the news, I know Haiti has an earthquake on January 13, 2010, how horrible it is if it happens to one of us! Natural disasters hurt humans and make the victims feel hopeless some times, but help is offered by many and let’s pray for those, hope that things get under control and more lived are rescued and saved.


I have nil control over my fate

When it comes to earthquake,

The nightmare hits my place

With unstoppable pace.

The floor cracks,

The Building falls.

Rocks crumble,

Animals stumble.

Humans get buried

While rescuing teams hurried.

When I open my eyes,

I see dead flies

And wounded mice,

Lying in bed,

I learned that my parents are dead!

So sad,

So mad,

About this bad

Fate I have had!

Becoming homeless,

And feeling helpless,

Strangers care for me instead.

Being still in dread

Of this disastrous dismay,

I chew a slice of bread

And wonder

Where is my home to stay.


Have A Blessing Day! Everyone!


Make The Pain disappear: