My Mom Is A Wise Woman

My Mom is a strong woman,
She cares deeply for all her children.
She works tirelessly all these years,
Thinking of her brings me tears.
She married my father when she was twenty,
She gave birth to me next year in October.
The love from her is more than plenty,
So many sweet memories for me to remember.
Now I am a mother to two boys,
I understand better how a mother’s love works.
Patience, attentions, and encouragements are more precious than toys,
Magic also works via communications and passionate talks.
My Mom is a wise woman,
She would do anything for all her children.
She contributes so much for the family,
Without her understanding, I would not live so happily.
Now that she is a proud grandmother for up to 17 years,
She has lived her life to its fullest, no fears.
She has extended her love to her wonderful grandchildren,
I feel blessed to be a daughter to such an amazing woman.
My Mom is a lucky wife,
Because my Father loves her his entire life,
They make the perfect couple in our village,
No one can under-estimate my parents’ courage.
Now that I live far away from my Mom,
But the love in between is all the same.
Happy Mother’s Day, My dear mother,
Greetings also go to my father,the family of my sister, and my brother…

A Greeting From Tom!