the dark swirl

she falls asleep without desires from her man, and awakes with a startling feel, seeing a dark swirl pulling from her chest, a big horror of unknown force converges within, she closes her eyes, opens her eyes, and finds her strength to open the room light, so that dark spirits can escape her…
daylight is our friend, and when night comes home, we must have electricity and have powerful will to stay in bright space so that evil thoughts evaporate, and that’s how we learn about positive energy and avoiding walking in woods after dusk.

Tomie DePaola (Tommy Da Pow La): Children’s Book Author and Artist

milan at italy

Tomie and Brönte in car

Photograph of Tomie dePaola and his dog, Brontë © by Julie Maris/Semel
Although no seatbelts were used during this photo session, the car was not moving during the photo session. Remember to always use seatbelts, and never drive with a dog on your lap.

Tomie dePaola (pronounced Tommy da-POW-la) is best known for his books for children.

He’s been published for over 40 years and has written and/or illustrated nearly 250 books, including Strega Nona, 26 Fairmount Avenue, The Art Lesson, and Christmas Remembered. Over 15 million copies of his books have sold worldwide.

Let the Whole Earth Sing Praise is his newest book. Strega Nona’s Gift will be published in Fall, 2011.

Tomie dePaola and his work have been recognized with the Smithson Medal from the Smithsonian Institution, the Kerlan Award from the University of Minnesota for his “singular attainment in children’s literature,” and the Regina Medal from the Catholic Library Association.

He was also the United States nominee in 1990 for the Hans Christian Andersen Award in illustration. The American Library Association has honored him with a Caldecott Honor Book, a Newbery Honor Book, and the 2011 Laura Ingalls Wilder Award for his “substantial and lasting contribution to literature for children.”

The University of Connecticut, Georgetown University and Pratt Institute, among others, have granted him honorary doctoral degrees. In 1999, he was selected for the New Hampshire’s Governor’s Arts Award of Living Treasure.

Tomie dePaola lives in New London, New Hampshire, with his Airedale terrier, Brontë, and works in a renovated 200-year-old barn.

All content and images copyright © Tomie dePaola. All rights reserved

Associated Student Government presents concrete plans for coming year by The Daily Northwestern 5/15/2013

Associated Student Government presents concrete plans for coming year

Skylar Zhang/Daily Senior Staffer

Associated Student Government senators applaud men’s basketball coach Chris Collins at the Senate meeting Wednesday evening. Collins spoke about the importance of the “sixth man,” or the fans, to the success of the basketball program.

May 15, 2013

Following a contentious Senate meeting last week, Associated Student Government settled into its routine Wednesday with discussion of goals for the year and plans to fill the cabinet.

“This week was all about showing exactly what ASG is going to look like,” ASG president Ani Ajith told The Daily after the meeting. “We had a lot of productive discussion.”

Early in the evening Ajith, a Weinberg junior and former Daily staffer, and executive vice president Alex Van Atta presented the procedure to choose cabinet members for the seats left empty last week when three nominees were rejected by Senate.

Ajith told Senate that ASG will hold a full-scale publicity campaign to recruit applicants for chief of staff, public relations vice president and associate vice president for diversity and inclusion. He will chair the selection committee to oversee and interview applicants.

“We want to see a broad variety of applicants,” he said.

Confirmations will be presented May 29.

Ajith and Van Atta filled in for the three empty positions when members of the executive board presented ongoing projects and priorities for the coming year, which comprised the bulk of the meeting.

Van Atta, speaking for the diversity and inclusion committee, mentioned the ongoing push for gender-open housing and gender-neutral bathrooms.

“That’s just a continual push that we need to do,” the McCormick junior said. “We just need to make sure that doesn’t fall off into oblivion.”

He added that he hopes to see a report on gender-neutral bathrooms by the end of the quarter.

The entire executive board, with the exception of technology vice president Sheng Wu, emphasized the need for recruitment of committee members and asked Senate to reach out to the student body.

The meeting also featured a visit from Dean of Students Todd Adams and men’s basketball coach Chris Collins.

Adams thanked ASG for its community support as the campus grieved for student Dmitri Teplov, who died May 5, and introduced Collins.

The coach emphasized his goal of raising student enthusiasm for NU basketball.

“You know how much the applicants for this place would go up if people turn on basketball games all winter and saw 8,000 people going nuts in Welsh-Ryan?” he said.

Later in the night, Ethan Romba, outgoing technology vice president, and Ian Coley, off-campus caucus whip, presented legislation to reform the ASG election process.

They proposed shortening the non-verbal campaign period from two weeks to one and preventing current and outgoing executive board members from endorsing candidates. The amendments will be voted on next week.

Senate also voted to fund the upcoming ASG Community Garage Sale, a project proposed by Chris Harlow, a senator and SESP freshman. The event will allow students to sell their old or unused items to each other at the end of the year.


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