humor week 25, short story slam week 127,poetry and story inn fridays week 56 : 夸父追日,精卫填海, 盘古开天地,嫦娥奔月,吴刚伐桂

we do cherish stories

ancient ones

modern ones

long novels

short verses

we see lots of beautiful wisdom popping

which makes life better meaning—

if humor is in our poetic ingredients

the book and the readers could hang on the ceiling

regardless rain or shine

a poem is our forever friend to carry along

Image result for 吴刚伐桂桂树 wu gang cut the tree story

Image result for 嫦娥奔月  chang e bei yue

Image result for  夸父追日  kua fu zui ri

Image result for 英雄关羽

英雄关羽  hero guanyu, Ying xiong guan yu


Image result for Pangu Kaitian  shen wu ideals

Image result for Pangu Kaitian  pan gu kai tian di

Image result for Pangu Kaitian shi sheng characters

Image result for Pangu Kaitian  fhua kmu lan chong jun

short story slam week 124, humor week 22

iris chang   iris chang, a previous featured speaker at osu


teresa deng   teresa teng, a notable singer from hong kong

yan lang at wustl  lan yang, a faculty at university of miami

jili jiang  jili jiang, she is someone who writes about Chinese stories

mary joseph samrufz Jodie Henson Bovaird, she writes a good poem book

story, story, story,

poems, poems, poems,

music, lyrics, mtv,

we listen.

we feel the beat,

we do grow admiration to the artists,

because art, music, truth, dreams, and rhyming melody help


short story slam week 123

poetry form of 2018  (III): FATTN (Whersinz)

—Five and Twenty Two NZ
—5 lines and 22 words

a sample FATTN (WHERSINZ) poetry form is shown below
accorind to Lori Webster (II)

pause! look left!
see pat quinn mop wildcats,
See george bush turnpikes west teaxs
see tom wolfe preach Pittsburg,
Laugh! Write FATTN!

PS; we could write many of these poems as FATTN (WHERSINZ),

here is a try


why shall i quit my life ideals?

there’s no reason to hesitate

things revolve like a blink of an eye




short story slam week 122,poetry and story inn fridays week 50

Image result for indianapolis airport

indianpolis international airport

alabama state university

index shiliu flower

epcot disney at florida


Asian schools?

American Singers?

Walt Disney and Alabama state university music program,

Rebecca Wells, who cares?

a story is told by an obsever

a poem is rooted by a writer,

Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Rudyard Kipling, Charles Simic,

who rhyme better?

I do choose Rob Long, Ted Hills, and Gary Soto sometimes,

the ball is rolling

the stage is set

poet Vijay Seshadri, Iris Chang, Mary Clancy, Samba Xia, and Yiling Erin zuo can do well too

short story slam week 117, 118, 119 , humor week 20, poetry form week 16

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I find myself quite amusing

since lots of folks around have good thoughts posting

a humor means laughter

a poetry form means FREE VERSE or THEMED topics

why do you think i can not impress?

how can you make everyone feel great about Washington post?

the Guangmin Daily  by Wang Dong and Chuck Robbins,

they say lots of updates in Peking city,

I wondered into a free press,

the news, the poems, the word flows, and the truth of waterloo street,

all appear revealing,

a young student from shanghai Tongji university could find joy in news,

a young teacher from Guangxi and Ningxia province could find hope in poems,

I am a wandering soul

i tip toe at mid night and visit Hollywood and see Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin,

i end up in views of Wang Jia, Zhu Xiaofeng,  Lu Jianguo, and huang Yanpei,

i feel the power of Tan Hui, Karl Marx, Lenin, Dong Yi, and Lisa Carney,

so, if paul ryan ever hesitates,

that is not because I can not care,

but because I do refuse to dare

Happy Summer is here,

a father’s day, a fourth of july, a trip to Qiqihaer or Tibert,

all things hit with a knowledge base,

i read Yun Yi, i discover Yu Guo, Guan Zhilan, and Dou Mu..


peace, it heals

humor, it cures,

poetry, it fulfills






seeking peace in restless world :referring to international world peace in may year 8,poetry picnic week 49
donald trump jr., ivanka trump, eric trump, donald trump , they support world peace

Image result for peace quotation in melania trump

ivanka trump and jared kushner, they are leading figures who support usa boarders

Image result for peace quotation in melania trump

melania trump and barron trump, they promote poetry

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the leadership academy for women…

Image result for university of tulsa graduation 2019

university of tulsa 2019 graduation ceremony, may 4, 2019

Image result for university of tulsa graduation 2019

Image result for university of tulsa graduation 2019

Jinks Public Schools

The sun breaks through, she finds her way,
The clouds begin to clear.
And every day that passes now,
Each one we hold so dear.

She’ll leave us soon to spread her wings,
A dream or two to find.
We know her life’s forever bound
To these roots she leaves behind.

We hope she knows how proud we are,
How deep our love resides.
How much we’ve learned along the way,
Seeing through our child’s eyes.

The paper, paint, and crayons
Through graduation years,
Will always be our most precious ones,
Despite the thousand fears.
a quote from Margaret Alliet

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