poets rally week 112, thanksgiving and winter break

school is busy

days run out of control

in no time,

young students drive home,

they pack,

they fly,

they sit nearby

they eat foreign food,

life is a roller coaster

the party is short,

the will will be always strong and sweet


a thanksgiving holiday means silence,

prayers, reconsideration, hope,

a holiday is coming to see us,

we are forced to laugh, and walk…

do read some posts below


November Flower Coty Dialer · Asteraceae 89 - Stock Photo [8787457] - PIXTA
25 November Flowers ideas | wedding flowers, flowers, wedding flower guide

a young woman could look cute,

Vifon Phở Bò Vietnamese Style Instant Rice Noodles Beef Flavor 70g |  Sainsbury's

one of our favorite pho noodle cup

Mantou / Frozen Food | Taiwantrade.com

mantou ….one of our main food

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