international nutrition month in april in the year of 2021, 8th anniversary, PS: hyde park poetry week 104

Glittering-bellied Emerald Stock Photo

Five of South America's Rarest Hummingbirds & Where to See Them

humming bird,

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a white dove, which is peaceful and cute

The Entire IPCC Report in 19 Illustrated Haiku - Sightline Institute

days swing without a trace

a high wire and a strong will

thoughts are printed in people’s figure tips

jay hill, megan turner, chris wang,

maria semple, bill gates, helen wu,

they fold and unfold their arms

they speak of a language of art in well defined sentences

poems shine

faces lighten up

a season comes

a satisfaction fulfills

Food as medicine: Blue Cross nutrition benefit program helps seniors  improve their health - Blue Cross Blue Shield MN
Foods That Help Improve Ciruclation