napowrimo in april, 2020, one day to go

Whew! We did it, everyone! Another Na/GloPoWriMo has come and gone! I hope that everyone enjoyed the challenge. You might have gotten thirty poems out of it — if so, congratulations! But even if you didn’t, I hope that you found inspiration and joy in our prompts, resources, and featured participants.

Our final featured participant for the year is Aloha Promises Forever, where the minimalist prompt for Day Thirty resulted in a thematically-appropriate haiku.

As usual, we’ll be leaving the “Participants’ Sites” list up until later this year, when we’ll start cleaning up and getting ready for Na/GloPoWriMo 2020.

Finally, thank you to everyone who participated! Your enthusiasm for writing and encouragement of other participants is a wonderful thing to behold. And wherever your poetry may take you until another April rolls around — happy writing!


World of Poetry Haiku

a featured poem by michael romani


World of Poetry
Brings to its magical end
A month too well spent


a thorton without a thorn

a show without knowing gary soto

what is left is music guitar in empty chair

poetry form week 29, Epiphany or Manifestation in writing poetry


Derived from the Greek word epiphaneia, epiphany means “appearance,” or “manifestation.” In literary terms, an epiphany is that moment in the story where a character achieves realization, awareness, or a feeling of knowledge, after which events are seen through the prism of this new light in the story.


a sample


once becoming a mother, some women become a good human, they babysit,

they feed, they find ways to nurture a fresh life,  if a mother ever frowns once,

the baby could grow doubt, if a mother ever feels too tired to feed, a hungry

child could lose confidence, I try to believe that: attitude matters,  a good childcare

leads to good bound between parents and children, James and George have become

presidents, they seem always being a good company to their family members.

poetry and story inn fridays week 66, humor week 35, 34, short story slam week 137

pi fryday

bart, lisa


tom and ina

liuyi chuanshu

pi day


pi equal to huchang chuyi zijing

a circle

some string in maximum arc length

some straight line containing the origin

a formula

some concolution

lots of wonders and proofs

none is accurate

all are nicely displayed in geometrical sense


is math okay or good?

Image result for formula for pi

Image result for formula for pi

Image result for formula for pi


Image result for formula for pi

Image result for formula for pi

e to ipi = negative 1