short story slam week 117, 118, 119 , humor week 20, poetry form week 16

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I find myself quite amusing

since lots of folks around have good thoughts posting

a humor means laughter

a poetry form means FREE VERSE or THEMED topics

why do you think i can not impress?

how can you make everyone feel great about Washington post?

the Guangmin Daily  by Wang Dong and Chuck Robbins,

they say lots of updates in Peking city,

I wondered into a free press,

the news, the poems, the word flows, and the truth of waterloo street,

all appear revealing,

a young student from shanghai Tongji university could find joy in news,

a young teacher from Guangxi and Ningxia province could find hope in poems,

I am a wandering soul

i tip toe at mid night and visit Hollywood and see Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin,

i end up in views of Wang Jia, Zhu Xiaofeng,  Lu Jianguo, and huang Yanpei,

i feel the power of Tan Hui, Karl Marx, Lenin, Dong Yi, and Lisa Carney,

so, if paul ryan ever hesitates,

that is not because I can not care,

but because I do refuse to dare

Happy Summer is here,

a father’s day, a fourth of july, a trip to Qiqihaer or Tibert,

all things hit with a knowledge base,

i read Yun Yi, i discover Yu Guo, Guan Zhilan, and Dou Mu..


peace, it heals

humor, it cures,

poetry, it fulfills






7 thoughts on “short story slam week 117, 118, 119 , humor week 20, poetry form week 16

  1. we do enjoy a update,

    do read

    eric schmidt
    iris chang
    helen wu
    benny wu
    wilson gremer
    briana blair
    bill gates
    zhou tao
    li weiping
    yang kaihui
    tom wolfe
    max barry
    nicholas dirks
    thomas wilson
    he zi
    infamous mountain
    eric wood

  2. I am fine with your opinions,
    Song Meiling, Xu Zhimo, Zhao Yazhi, Deng Xiaoping, Peng Liyuan, Xi Minze,
    Hu Haifeng, and Yang Wanli, Chen Yi, Eric Wood, Yu kuizhi,
    Yuan Huiqing, Xu Xiaojing, Chen He, Yuan Baoquan, Ma Ji,
    Amy Wu, Shen Yan, Jason Grife, Dan Larson, Huang Xiaojun, Bie Lianer,
    Cai Yi, Peng Qunhua, …etc, they are cool in Shanghai city…

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