short story slam week 117, 118, 119 , humor week 20, poetry form week 16

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I find myself quite amusing

since lots of folks around have good thoughts posting

a humor means laughter

a poetry form means FREE VERSE or THEMED topics

why do you think i can not impress?

how can you make everyone feel great about Washington post?

the Guangmin Daily  by Wang Dong and Chuck Robbins,

they say lots of updates in Peking city,

I wondered into a free press,

the news, the poems, the word flows, and the truth of waterloo street,

all appear revealing,

a young student from shanghai Tongji university could find joy in news,

a young teacher from Guangxi and Ningxia province could find hope in poems,

I am a wandering soul

i tip toe at mid night and visit Hollywood and see Zhu Rongji and Jiang Zemin,

i end up in views of Wang Jia, Zhu Xiaofeng,  Lu Jianguo, and huang Yanpei,

i feel the power of Tan Hui, Karl Marx, Lenin, Dong Yi, and Lisa Carney,

so, if paul ryan ever hesitates,

that is not because I can not care,

but because I do refuse to dare

Happy Summer is here,

a father’s day, a fourth of july, a trip to Qiqihaer or Tibert,

all things hit with a knowledge base,

i read Yun Yi, i discover Yu Guo, Guan Zhilan, and Dou Mu..


peace, it heals

humor, it cures,

poetry, it fulfills