short story slam week 112, blogging from a to z, Z is for Zestful Mood, Ew In Na Po Wri Mo of 2019 in April, poetry or free verse, pasifdays week 43,

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Image result for april flowers

Z is for Zestful Mood,

International Poetry Month in April,  Ew Na Po WRi Mo In AP of 2019

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A is for April Showers

P is for  Pretty Flowers

R is for  Ruby Necklace

I is for Iris Chang Humor

L is for Lori Webster poetic quotation


which is where we seek green hills and rolling stones

we enjoy a A to Z,

so, Z is for Zestful Mood in the end,

fill in empty space with B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, K, M, N, O, Q, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, ..

side to side dance


Thursday Poets Rally Week 90, Nutrition, Expansion of Poetics, and”Tang” poem

the season is fair

musical notes fills New York time square

english poetry has been well spread

poets have increased confidence, I dare

while we wonder about and write a lot

we feel the urge to give our free flow a hault

which means some pondering, some researches

which is why I choose to sit, read, and maybe travel

“Tang” poets come near in spirit

we hear a child cry the fame of Sikong Shu (司空曙, 720–790)

we hear an adult reciting a poem by Du Xunhe (杜荀鹤)

i giggle a little

assuming some true and ancient poems in Chicago Sun Times