the way Jinlong Tan works from Peking

today the weather has cold but dry mood

Loraine and Robin get up too early,

searching for some clues of how Tom and Sam have tried to celebrate Christmas

that is when Pamela, Walton, Terry, James, amnd Joe join them,

first a sweet card

then a beautiful breakfast

in the end, the Red ‘Feng Ye Shu’ hit all

I type this,

not because I am perfect

or i am imperfect

i tried hard, to remember some goodfaculty,

the new daughter of Xu xiaojing and yang li, born December 15, 2017

the new princess of Liu hua and Jiu quansen,  in addition to Jiu Xinyi

bebies and parents

innocent and rich family ties

I feel the extraordinary wisdom from Zeyu Food inside Jin long Tan and

Fu Yi xuan food from Yu Long hotel,

maybe peng liyuan and xi jingping will forgive us,

maybe I  am forgiving my sister, brother, and children for being distant

Abbey, Lilyn, Lucas, Heidi, Ted, Aime, Linda, Amelia, Vanessa, Samba, Dianne


merry christmas\



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