short story slam week 74, sunday writing whirligig, amelia earhart, sophie schmidt, london emerson, sam firefox, sean bedraza, morton schapiro, alyssa sperrazza



THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “‘I am the last…'” by Charles Simic: retreating, road, birch, mud, one-eyed, cut, saber, hair, clothes, lined, sell, waving


retired plans

it has sober emotions

if I am not the last one who sits next to you

at least I count my blessings,

believing that I am the first,

maybe the one who often sits elsewhere,

fencing your home with woodland boards

one-eyed monster

kirby birch and janet rouscher kindess

if amy wang and don belt disagree to disagree

john nicklow and michael fitts may feel better

so does nicholas nepezos and lydia howard

I do mind performing arts from Bradt Dixon

I do hear a man who speaks of Spa Reyna

I indeed agree that Maya Welch, Kim Ma, Aime Wood, and Sam Clancy can do well

saber hai-cut lines up firmly in my forehead

retreating birch resires on muddy roadside

I am waving words

while Paula and Gerald wave clothes from San Jose

thanks to pat brown, mark brown, cynthia brown, marc brown….




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