short story slam week 73, shadow shot sunday 2, ruby tuesday,

when Joyce visits London bridge, she has taken lots of photos of herself,
smiling as if she were famous singers, despite the fact that Jessica Simpson and
Britney Spears both hot in pop songs, we also know Guan Xiaohong, Feng Huang
Chuan Qi, Loraine Chan, Cai Guoqing, and Yan Weiwen….
Matt Schapiro is a good lord, he carries the famous smiles of Scott Pippen, and
supports Evelyn Wilson as if she were a queen, when hair rising moments come,
when thinking cat and writing wand hit Wavely Xie and Abbey Fan, stars from
the sky remind us of time, space, and moon shifts
beginning today, I will not drop out myself as an ordinary human, yet, I join
William Butler Yeats’ brown penny, writing my honest thought out of my facebook wall,
young or old, crooked or well rounded, loops of story strings are thick enough to make
us think, Sam edwards, Ericka Schapiro-Sakashita, Lawrence Johnson, Anne Pence Davis,
Joan Upham, Kerry Haag, Natalie Gray, Leah Abbey, ameliawood yarisford, …
a trip changes one’s mood
my trip to your writing web seems serve me well,
I gather some twigs and have my hair combed anew

THIS WEEK’S WORDS come from “Brown Penny” by William Butler Yeats: brown, penny, enough, loops, hair, young, crooked, wise, thinking, stars, shadows, begin

Brittney spears
SODIUM  sam edwards poetry



sunday whirls week 311


no chains can undo a tie between our left hand and right hand

a throat hurt could send one to Mars—

bursting into substances of Matter and Spirits

a bunch of kids swimming in a school of Sheridan milkyway

surfacing wonders of QinGates and TheaDell in simmered grace

Barnsdale, McCord, Tonkawa, Mulvane, Pawhuska, Ada, Henryetta,

today I have chestnuts in a lounge,

a brown leaf sails away from Northwestern nutshell

Peter and FRancis decide to color their words in green

Sam and Upham won’t quit since they have won a freedom award

if Bill and Victor join Nick Murphy,

the screen of Yang Lan and Adam Pixley may advance

lots of stuff remain hidden in Cynthia, Jennifer, Paisley, Melinda, and Alex

my response is over

my place is renewed with Mimi Schapiro’s McCormick codes