short story slam week 71, 70,

far away
near Sky river
we pray
huazhong in wuhan
they have strong science and poetry
Qu Yuan reminds us of Duanwu
close to Huangpu River
we notice Han Yongqian and Guo Boling
they agree with Peng Chuanhui
when Ying Li and Xu Xiaojing decide to date,
they think of Beijing university Wei Ming lake,
they believe in Zhu Daihong and Hai Mingwei
Zhao Wei is cute
So do Xie Xiaodong and Zhang Lei
we let Olympic games run free
people from Los Angeles may see
Frank Seth Shengbutoxicrm
Emily, Amelia, Paisley, Kathleen, Steven, Lilyn, Anjali, Alison, Beryl…
lots of unknown factors
many opt to give up, not to investgate Abbey, Melania, Eric, Aime, Ari, Jema,
I decide to think of Yang Kaihui, Zhao Huiyun, and Yan Yongcui