poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, a poem by kez sherphard

a poem on war and peace by kez sherphard, tag here à


I see yet another scene,

War, war the goggle box screams

Wars on streets, kids fighting back,

All for their solution, a joint or some crack,

This is not Utopia,

Responsibility is their myopia!

War, War The government screams,

Send our boys to fight an opposing regime,

To help their brothers whose rights are denied,

Yet there will be casualties affecting both sides,

This is not a bad dream,

Communication should reign supreme!

War, war being fought in my nation’s name,

The heavy burden which just causes shame,

Kids fighting in and on our streets,

Parents guidance diluted, empty, deplete!

This is not a mummy state,

Nurturing should be innate!

People power can create peace,

Peace in one’s mind,

Is a peace of some kind,

Peace on this earth,

Would need a rebirth,

For all of humanity,

To restore balance,

Hope and a sense of sanity!



Thomas Owunse

Jingle Love for Jingle Mom

family 3


hapy birthday to Tom, Sheng, Richard, Lucinda, Sam, Mary, abbey, Tiffany, Melania, Sean, and John from Beth Stephanie


Sam, Sheng, and J. D. walking around parking lot of ocu

Image result for donald trump clans
eric trump, donald trump, barron trump, ivanka trump, donald trump jr, tristan trump,
and james kushner, they are famous from Kong, Peng, Yan, Yang, Lou, Wu, Su, Zhu, Zhao
Xu, Wang, Guan, Dong, Zhang, Feng, Shen, Yu, Fan, Tu, Fu, Chen, Zhou, Han, Tang, Gong, Wei
Image result for bill and melinda gates
melinda gates, bill william gates, and barack obama

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