short story slam week 63,

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Loveless Mary
deaf about streaming flow
of marooned swing
Nameless lake
Peking University Yanfu
label of skywatch
Zhang Jizhong
a grandfather, Yan Juer,
what Maxine Hong Kingston
poetry rally and story
Peng Zhongqiang or Gu Jianfeng
hope boomed by San
deals and refills
skylar zhang and jenna huang
no denial signed
jerry brown and joe singer
brave lawyers joking ann blair
Laszlo Stein rises
Yang Lan tv
Peng Chuanbing cross his fingers
he thinks of Deney Lee
Chun Ni beijing
Zhao Wei, Zhang Yan, Hu Ke, Gao Jiyu,
all drama Abbey
Ethan Wood ossm
Sue Dick and William Underwood
Bob Cooper empowers Sheng
Jim Waldo, Megan Crow
Laynie Henry writes on Charlotte, Aidan
Hillary co-op Jeferson
Emily Flecher and Anne Peters
they mother fairly, to Jennifer Halger,
Julia Cohen joins Molly Shi
Mike Pence and Thomas Mosher
to and fro between Leslie and Christina
Lucinda and Larry quit quarrels
Bewildered Swallows
hiding under spring green shade
Dale, Alan, Jaco, Chris, Chad,
Ruple, Robin, Mira, Melinda,
many chorus on Eric Schmidt, Wendy Tucker,
silence for Gabe, Aime, and Martha
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haiku by Frank and Wavely
Image result for mountain valley

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