happy labor day 9/5/2016

when Kendra Wilkerson writes her life in

Sliding into Home,

her words shake the world:

Hank and Hefner are her siblings,

Kevin Burns, Lauren Weinstein, and Becca Gullion are tv cast friends,

agent for a publishing is the key to our door,

Emily Westlake, Jennifer Bergstrom, Louise Burke, Patrick Price are proof readers,

Michael Nagin, Jon Warech, Dan Strone, Kirby Kimberly, Sandy Warech, Katie Warech

they are distant inspirations


sunset daily

eyes open widely

Alfredrick is noble enough to land on lap of Justin,

Amelia is witty enough to get on the roller coaster rides,

books turn pages themselves,

when Victoria Can Bell, Ben Hill Griffin, Lillian Guinta, Robert Eth sing,

Bruce Barry, Maxwell Storm, Tracey Keiken, Gena Oppenheim, and Rick Perry hit Gator natuion


untouched waters

unforgettable Jasimine

historical birthday on December 6, 2010, September 27, 2015, August 13, 2016,

the Tiger, the Ram, and the Monkey swing on monkey bars

withholding their thirsts toward Jason and Bristol

William and Rebeccak in mind

brilliance and glory unintentionally made


Happy Labor Day

to mothers and fathers

to man and woman

to femaile and male

to brothers and sisters

to friends and neighbors

to enemies and supporters

and to You…the underwater fish

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Image result for labor day

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