Friday My Town Shoot Out, Mellow Yellow Monday

 girl kleida
Green, red, and yellow,
Colors line up to grow love,
a five star, rise above
teepee tree top
shiny stars blink
eyes open for buttercup
Fashion Mia
Jim Young, Sarah and Gordon Brown go chacha,
Beijing Wa Ha Ha jumps,
Washington D. C. Michelle Obama snows flaking Lady Gaga.
fashion mia

Black and white Wednesday, ABC Wednesday, and Short Story Slam Week 35

My Memory Art

Black & White Wednesday ~ Silent Night

Image result for silent night black and white

day in, day out
gears shifting from north to south
earth is always green
google it up
yahoo email rockets fire
black and white ashes stir
like wheels  like Kimchi of Korea,
the flavor is spicy year around
clean energy buoyancy Pickens business
West Virginia seagull soar
Kara yard sale appears on Facebook,
Moon falls on earth
Princess Jill Robinson,
a date leading to Rome of Italy,
Meet Prince Howard Burns

Image result for x-ray


awards from short stroy slam week 34, for participants and all who write stories

everyone is a writer
everyone has a story to tell
your typo could be my triggering tale
never mind what blocks you hold
never mind which street you live
put up a song and let your echo grow
it is Christmas season
it is time to say I do care enough to know
and I do feel good enough to glow
for those who follow me, please enjoy a celebration of short story slam series from our cool hosts at bluebell books twitter club, and those awards shall make you face hot and fingers itchy for posts
have fun,
thanks you a lot
lady unicorn

panda the exceptional treasury writer award

walrus the cool story teller award